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Happy Passover Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Baxter moaning moses 4life!!!!

above montage created by THE great great great man and overlord of Sesame Chicken Friday – Time Werespanko


Cecil B. DeMiller’s Crossing

bestest movie mt EVERest and mt sinai?

no, BREASTest movie mt EVERest and mt sinai and mt st mary’s

we’re going to invent usselfves a time machine so we can get our son siring on with Anne Baxter, even if that firstborn son will be killed by Moseses’ Gawd

we still miss you Chuck!

The 15 Commandments

Awesome Gawd


Matzah Picchu

I bringeth to you good news. Previously we reported that ABC was replacing the Heston Ten Commandments with the Mission Impossible bad guy version, but wees was wrong! The real Moses gets his proper, airing this Saturday night on ABC!

And now I give to you the 15 commandments [wav]

And for those of you in the dark (ages), guess what kinda supper Jesus’ last one was? An effin Passover Seder you ignint inquisitioners! That’s why the P-over and the Easter are always so close to each other. Now pray to our media and banks before we kill your first born with C Heston’s hot ass guns!

And now I give to you a random bearded picture of Moses juxtaposed with the always bearded Count Rugen! Why? COUNT RUGEN!!!

Peace the Jek Porkins out to a Pointer, a D12er, and the Oldies format at DC’s WBIG, where I interned one summer, and met the man of my dreams, Tony Kornheiser, who was recently interviewed by Newsday about plains, trains, and the FedEx guy

Gorillaz to put away the sunshine for good in a bag called Las Vegas? And the news gets more unluckier than the number slevin: that rumored ‘dirty’ Blur album aint droppin any time soon yos, ‘cordin to D Albs

By the gay, did you know that Madonna was virtual for 2 full minutes during her ‘duet’ with the Gorillaz at this past year’s Shammys? D-lode the studio version of their mash-up here [d vis ToxicAvenger]

30 sec clip of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ vid

Jarvis Cocker hearts cunts!

Conan is Chi-town gagged and bound. Get yer tickets you Grabowski jerkasses

Pikey disses’ Pierce’s 007 kisses

And while we’re gold Bonding it up, Connery’s dive may turn Casino Royale into a Royale with cheese-e-ness

Get keen on the new Keane track

Marylanders prove they have the bestest in taste. Everyone already knew they had the finest in flag [Mod Flanders]

Nebbish David Krumholtz enlisted for nebbish Woody Allen’s Nebbishpalooza ’06

t.A.T.u. Offical Store, COMING SOON! SWEEEEET!

And bet you never voted in Russian before!

Darth Maul, employed!

Magnapop, huge in the Benelux countries!

Harry Dean Stanton, dirtball, crooner

Remember the scene in Summer School where they’re taking their final? (not pictured)

David Wells… do you remember the thumbcredible song that was playing durin it? It was called ‘Mind Over Matter’ and it was fargin sung by Dottie from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure/Tommy Pickles/so effin bestest EG Dailey. D-lode like the wind, son!!

Add to the list of crap I should buy with my BlogAds money: The GCE Vectrex

Tell me you’ve seen the inning from the ’86 World Series reenacted in RBI Baseball [spnx Thinker]

leia probed in ass by droid‘, #45 and rising!

Catchy Tunes of Sweden

10 Best Internet Spoofs

Bid on Ex AC/DC Tour Bus

Polish Movie Posters

Find even more here AND buy some over on eBay


Jay Maynard‘s Finnish equivalent [DataProcessor]

Jammer aint king of SHIT!

the scariest rectum u did ever see [NSFW]

Pinder & friend visit the army, fully clothed. Morale, and boners, hit an all time low


YES MA’AM! I’ll try me damndest to keep clean while tossing off all over yer hughmungoid chestazoid!!

THIS JUSS IN: Free NYC Franz Ferdinand Show Tomorrow Afternoon! Details HERE!

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