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This book is required reading for anyone who loves film (loving Hitchcock doesn’t hurt, but not loving Hitchcock is punishable by death) 

Before this book was published, Alfred Hitchcock was regarded as a mere entertainer, but the label wouldn’t last after fan, and fellow director François Truffaut extensively interviewed Hitch for over a week, dissecting his work and process and amazingnessness.  The results were an ephinany to the industry and filmgoers everywhere.  The perception of Hitch started to change – and form into how we think of him today – a true artist and visionary, who changed cinema forever

Any love this book can get is welcomed by me.  I was introduced to it in my Hitchcock class at IU.  I have never forgotten it, but I hadn’t thought about it in awhile, so was glad to have my memory jogged by Kent Jones, who sorta made a doc about it

I say ‘sorta’ – cause he sorta talks about the Hitch/Truffaut interviews and book, and even plays audio clips from the interviews, but Jones keeps veering too far away from them.  Instead of going all in on them – he gives way too much of the running time to other modern film directors basically saying that they love Alfred Hitchcock over and over.  Sure, I love hearing it from Fincher and Scorsese and others, but I didn’t enter the theater for that.  I wanted Hitchcock/Truffaut, not Hitchcock/Truffaut/and a bunch of other gushing directors verbally JOing

STILL, any doc celebrating Alfred Hitchcock is worth seeing, but if you want to know about Hitchcock/Truffaut, yer juss gonna have to read the book, cause this is no adaptation, juss Cliff Notes, barely noting anything

Hitchcock Truffaut

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Hitchcock/Truffaut slashes its way currently in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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