Cookie Monster Squad

• Worst call Mt Everest: For the safety and security of the girls who are selling cookies, Girl Scout Cookies are not available for purchase online. Den good thang dem girls were in my office’s lobby this week, where I snagged meself 2 boxes of Do-Si-Dos and 2 of Samoas. 4 boxes? I’m so em-bare-arsed. That is well below par for my usual 9-12 box purchase. I hope the Girl’s org doesn’t fold caus of this. Anywho, the Samoa juss celebrated its 30th anniversary!! Maybe we all should fry us some Fried Samoas® Shrimp in honor of this event! Or how bout learnin’ a lil G-Scout Cookie History. What u gotz Boy Scouts?

• Don’t Panic, cause I caught a screening of Hitchhiker’s Guide last nite and it FORKING ROCKED!! Howevski, if you didn’t read the book or haven’t prepared yerself for the zaniness that will ensue, you may not enjoy it tat all. Full review 4th-e-e-cummings, but in the meantime, peep Ebert’s.

• “Boring, boring, boring. If you want dirt, I’m not your girl.” Can it be Katelando SnoozBloosworth? Nope.

• Amen, Skeeter. And now that I’m frynally watching the 1st season on DVD, I’m beginning to see the light/understand why this season can be seen as such a poop stain.

• Fo-shizzle my Archdukes.

• Free passes to House of Wax in various cities

• On second thought, Zooma doesn’t look like such a zzzzz anymo!

• More on the Royal Consort of Thighland

• Remember, it was PAUL who broke up the Beatles, not Yoko. Who needs em anyway, the dude was already dead!

• I think I stopped watchin’ round 300. Note to Matt, Doh’nt make any more eps, PLEASE. This is worser than Jordan on the Wizards.

• Lindsay Lohan IS Ann-Margret

• Avril Levine IS Michael Jackson

• LCD Soundsystem IS AWFUL!

• I hear Wolfman’s got nards.

• Blast From the Past: Gay Robots

• And whilst the search continues for correct answers to this week’s Kross Word, I have a new lil contest for ya: Take this pic of me and corn and go Photoshop CRAZZZZZZZZZZY. Email em here! If yer lucky to have yers posted, I’ll send u something special. And by special, I don’t mean an ear of corn or my pubes. Good luck trying to top this

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