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Red Dawn Gone

Peace The Forks Out


Mama Nicola – Joan

it’s very rare in life that any of us care and love owners of restaurants, but I did care for and love Joan from Nicola Pizza.  Mrs Caggiano was as much of an institution herself as is the restaurant she co-founded with her husband Nick.  While her pizza spot has been serving up their incredible Nic-o-Bolis since 1971, she has been serving me smiles every since my family has vacationed in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (one of my favorite destinations on earth).  Luckily the Nic-o-Bolis live on, and I will remember Joan’s smile every time I take a bite into one, now and forever.  Thanks Joan – you made and will continue to make mouths and stomachs happy!


Powers Boothe


Yo, this Joe Stanley

146 years young/done

the OTHER Waffle House overlord 

a Dogtoother

LSDeez nuts

Jewish Holocaust survivor/Nazi actor(???!!!!)

Whisky a Go Go-er

Pepe The Frog

last surviving member of Salk vaccine team

Owen and Luke’s dad

THAT guy

Israeli model in the original Casino Royale

Miracle man

a Lion HoFer

Pacers coach

Canadian owner

Big Black

America’s oldest-living Olympic champ


attacked by Michael Landon the werewolf


Jean Renault


Beach of Contract

your unbeloved master of thighs needs a lil break.  so it’s off to the beach to eat 328347218238238 Nic-O-Bolis and sunburn my balls, and abuse your mother’s vagina

if you miss me that much, buy a shirt and maybe we’ll stop abusing your mother’s vagina


Beachy Keen

gone to stick feet in sand, eat taffy and yer mother

stay thighlicious thighlanders!!!!


It Came From The 80s
& In Our Pants

loves it when we are looking for something and then finds its on the internets.  one of them things is be of pictures of places and things from our past that either no longer eggsist or have been changed and become un-70s/80s-fied.  our success rate for this is about 9%.  damn internets and you not being around before the 1990s!!!  here’s what Rehoboth Beach, Delaware’s Funland facade used to look like when wees was young/kingsz

mo sorta ye olde Rehoboth fotos at verplanck’s Photostream

one thing in particular we/i still haven’t found what we’re/i’m looking for: pics of White Flint mall’s 80s eatery.  HELP!!!!

here’s one spot we didn’t shed a single tear for

when it went the way of Dinasour Eggs


The Best of Reho-Both Worlds

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware’s seminal eats spot Nicola Pizza had their expansion plans scrapped for something even better: A SECOND NICOLA PIZZA LOCATION!!!!!!! (only drawback so far is that the new one won’t have a minature choo-choo train)

more pics found on Nicola’s Facebook page [via Navi]

if you’ve never been, then you truly haven’t lived or tasted the greatest Italian-tinged thing in the western hemisphere: The Nic-O-Boli!!!! truss us, cause if we know one thing, besides boobs, it’s FOODS!!!

now if only they opened a third location in our mouths!!!


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