Topps Trading Space Invaders

Belarusian Movie Posters

what would be more entertaining, jamming out to Karen Arnold or gettin yer torts on with Paul Pfeiffer?

I don’t care for The Simpsons anymo, but after watching the thumcredible new trailer for their long overdue flick, I gave it another go last nite. While the laffs were absent, as they have been for the past 5 years, I did enjoy their Ali G homage

NSFW Cindy Margolis pics, from a time when no one asked for such a thang

the prestigious Visual Effects Society (who?) unveils the 50 Most Influential Visual Effects Films of All Time, where The Fifth Element and Darby O’Gill and the Little People can finally share an honor

Andy Rooney totally JOs to Leslie Stahl

bull, goat & lamb fries festival draws 300 in Wisc. No word if Andy Farmer was one of the lucky few or not

Turkish Superman

bounty huntin never tasted so good

[Pakula Shaker]

Famous Jewish Catholics, where the guilt never ends

the John Brown soundboard

the least clicked-on NSFW Celebrity Movie Archive link mt EVERest and kilimanjaro: Cathy Bates’ hot tub scene from About Schmidt. If there was a Gawd, those snaps wouldn’t eggsist, and snaps of this would

Kool-Aided Pickles [Brickhouse]

tits not as good as when he used that metal thing to take that metal booger thang outta his head, but it will do

•Love Bugs, which are NSFAnyone’sEyes

and he’s no Rusty Kuntz, cause he’s…

and speakin of Pole’s position…

[& b sure 2 czech out Pong & Space Invaders too!]

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