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Precious Metal Bra

what’s buttererer than one slave Princess Leia in a metal bra sunbathing on the set of Jabba The Hutt’s sand barge? how bout TWO OF DEM HIZNOT BIZNATCHEZZ!!

[fukuking via kottke via gizmodo via the terrible bowler]

heavy metal!!


Yes We Can!

and double YES to CNN’s Virtual View hologram thingie which inches us one galaxy far far away close close near from a world filled with Star Wars stuff and things!

hopefully chicks walking around in metal bras will become the next Star Wars stuff and things to go mainstream

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Princess Leia Organa Solo

Enslaved Dancer Oola

Handmaiden Dormé

Commander Mon Mothma

Duke Teta’s Bizatch Koyi Mateil

Bounty Hunter Zam Wesell

Queen Padmé Amadala Skywalker

Waitress Hermione Bagwa

Officer Toryn Farr

Aunt Beru Lars née Whitesun

Handmaiden Moteé

Senator Bana Breemu

Mother Love Bone Shmi Skywalker-Lars

Jedi Aayla Secura

Handmaiden Sabé

Six-Breasted Dancer Yarna D’al Gargan

Food Peddler Jira

Senator Ister Paddie


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