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Dinner For Schmucks
Send It Back To The Kitchen For Some Re-Warming
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Putting today’s holy trinity of funny (IMO, or should that be In We Opinion?), Steve Carell, Jemaine Clement & Zach Galifianakis + adding in nice straight guy (playing mean!) Paul Rudd (and our sassy lassy Kristen Schaal!) in the same movie should equal NOTHING but comedy gold.  Anything less would be uncivilized! So why then does Jay Roach‘s Dinner For Schmucks feel like unoriginal pyrite material?  And why are we only served about 15-20 minutes of actual dinnertime and the rest is lukewarm appetizers of Murphy’s un-guffaw Law?  To be perfectly honestly, the 1998 Francis Veber film in which this is based on, Le dîner de cons, wasn’t even close to being humorous to begin with, and while writers David Guion and Michael Handelman elevate the material to at least a chuckle zone here and there, they can’t help but make the audience feel like the schmucks.  Ouch!

We don’t want you think that Schmucks is a bomb or a waste of time, cause it’s not (the mousterpiece dioramas by the The Chiodo Brothers are INCREDIBLE, and so is the beastly photo artwork by Clement’s character).  We know comedy is hard, but most comedies juss don’t try hard enuff… like this one!  Then again, this was well more enjoyable than Get Him To The Greek, Death At A Funeral (the remake), Hot Tub Time Machine and the Carell starring Date Night (do we even have to mention Cop Out?).  Knowing you alls, you’ll probably think the opposite is true, and let’s juss leave it at that you schumcks (we love you!!)

Final thought: Carell is leaving the comfy and well-written confines of The Office for the bumpy and poorly written ones of Hollywood flicks.  Look, he deserves all the money in the world, but he and we deserve better

A Lil Mo Than So-Szo: Stephanie Szostak plays Paul Rudd’s love interest in the movie, and a French maid in our wetty wet dreamzzzzzzzzzzz!

VerdictgoSum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Schmucks goes awe schucks this Friday at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…



Don’t know if you ever got the scott lachance to czech out AMC’s (jon) hammazing series Mad Men, but we juss finished up our first tour of duty and can confirm that the hype is certainly believable (and JOable). Season two starts up sometime in July, so you still have time to ketchup. AMC re-aired the pilot last week, and will air ep 2 this Monday, but based on their calendar, we can’t tell if they’re going to repeat the other 11 eps over the coming months. Nonethemoreorless, you can grabs them all off of Mad Men - Mad Men, Season 1 or wait until July 1st when the DVD/BooRays will drop

bi the gay, why the F and G did they ax Kristen Schaal/Mel‘s sassy switchboard operator Nannette after juss the pilot? their comic relief loss is the Conchords and our gain!

while you sit there and willie ponder everything u juss read
kick back to the Mad Men theme song by RJD2
it’s called ‘A Beautiful Mine’ [d] and features Aceyalone


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