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Gyro Worship

Looking For Eric
Guardian Angel Dusty
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All men have sports heroes, and if a man doesn’t, then he probably isn’t much of a man.  Eric Bishop (Steve Evets) is a man, a weak one, but still a man, and his main man in the footballin world is the French former Manchester United colossus Eric Cantona.  Eric B’s life is going in an endless circle of nothingness, and after driving a car literally in circles, in the wrong lane, and nearly killing himself, his postal co-workers try to set him straight, and from going postal.  The boys get him to meditate and try to imagine if one of his idols showed up and lent him sum guidance for all of his worty-worries.  Eric B looks for Eric C and Blammmm-o, Eric C shows up to help Eric B!  (it’s amazing that either man can understand the other, with their accents thicker than porno vag hair from the 70s)

Looking For Eric is billed as a Ken Loach comedy, yet outside of a few trips to the pub and a pivotal scene towards the end where a gang of men all don the same silly mask and break stuff, there’s not much to laugh at.  Remember, this is a Ken Loach film, not a Jay Roach motel.  Eric B’s life is pathetic and sad.  Even when he makes amends to his former flame whom he left in the dust years before (Stephanie Bishop), and bails out his troubled gangsta wannabe son (Gerard Kearns) and sweetness starts to seep in, it’s all still soaked in distress and agony

All of these ups and downs + downtime with Eric B’s imaginary friend don’t fully add up to a thrilling game on the pitch, but this aint no unwatchable blowout neither.  It’s like a series of whiffs that almost coulda been goals.  Olé?

Hall Pass: Laura Ainsworth plays the younger version of Eric B’s old sweet-tart, and plays with our heart cause her eyes could melt ice caps on Pluto!!!!

Verdictgo: low end Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Eric looks in NY only today, and elsewhere elsewhere

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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Nut Saks Fifth Avenue Anniversary

Thighs Wide Shut turns 5 today, but can we make it 10? that all depends on if we still love doing this in 5 years time (or if Thigh Master children get in the way), and whether you dear Thighlanders still want to read our movie reviews and HJ yerself to sleep to all the lovely boobies we plaster up in here. we thank you from the bottom of our farts for your continued ship of reader, so w/o further Freddy Adu, lettuce set sail on some memories and mammaries of the past year in Thighdumb…

(juss remember, some of the images below are clickable!)

it has nothing to do with anything

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Giant VHS Tape as 2001 Space Odyssey’s Monolith

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Harry Potter Poster Mash-Up Gallery/Star Wars Poster Mash-Up Gallery

Brian Peppers’ mom

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ye olde ghetto covers of Arthur C Clarke’s books


by a show of hands

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Dennis Green’s â„¢ed caps

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photos of an angry Steve Gutenberg

Richard Beymer/Ben Horne’s on-set Twin Peaks photos

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Стереофотографии из прошлого

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NES controller coffee table

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Playboy centerfolds galore from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s [NSFW]

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Californication Creamin’ On Such A Winter’s Day

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interactive Al Jaffee’s fold-ins for Mad magazine

that theme song from the Raising Arizona soundtrack
actually has a name: ‘Way Out There‘ [d]

Perfect Strangers/Head Of The Class promo rap



behind the scenes of that amazingly ghetro ye olde HBO Jeffersonian starship thingamabob

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