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It Chapter Two
Every Which Way But Loser
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The casting directors of It Chapter Two somehow decided to NOT go with my choices as to who should play the grown-up losers we first met in Part One.  F’shame.  Winona Ryder would have made an AMAZING grown-up Finn Wolfhard!!  Instead we got Bill Hader as big Finn Wolfhard, who, everyone, including your mother, said ‘steals’ the show. ‘They’ are wrong.  It’s James Ransone who steals the show, as grown-up Jack Dylan Grazer!  So, casting directors, you did GREAT work (even if Fred Savage would have been a solid pick)!

Many people in my screening were bemoaning about how long Part Two was.  Guess they aren’t aware that the book is 9 billion pages long, and that the two movies combined are actually trying their best to tell the story in a concise and entertaining manner

OK, ok, I hear you on a bit of it.  The part where the grown-up losers search individually for tokens does seem a bit winded, but by the time the film wraps up, I wish I spent MORE time with the characters individually.  There’s not nearly enough time in this movie!!!  Yes, it should be longer!!!! 

But is it scary?  Not really, but it is fcuking spooky as heck!  And the CGI monsters they dream up were incredible!  Some of the creepiest Stephen King boogeymen every brought to the screen!!  (with all do respect to the gnarly old naked chick in room 237)

Only REAL problem with It?  We won’t be catching up with the losers club 27 years from now

Verdictgo: Jeepers MOS DEF Worth A Peepers

It is pennywise and not so pound-foollish a theater near jews and white nationalists 

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


The Bangor Brothers

Stephen King and his son Owen created the G.I. Joe/Cobra character Crystal Ball!!!!!!!!!!!!

 “It was his [Owen’s] idea! He had all the G.I. Joes and we watched it on TV, and we read the comic books.  He said, ‘Dad, it would be great if there was a G.I. Joe who could read minds.’ And I said, ‘Oh, yeah, that would be really great. What would you call a character like that?’ And Owen said, ‘Crystal Ball!’”

Stephen King, who pitched the idea to Hasbro, who then made it a reality, and even had King write the file card bio for the character!


Hasbro returned the favor by giving the character/figure Sneak Peek the civilian name Owen King, from… Bangor Maine!

yo Joe!  and yo Kings too!


Who’s On Furst?

Peace The Forks Out


Martin Landau


George A Romero







The Director of Fcuking ROCKY and THE KARATE KID!!!


Chester Bennington


he was Kohl as ice

Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Bill Dana/Jose Jimenez

Paddington bear creator

the only professional athlete to play for Major League Baseball and NBA championship team!!!!!!!

2 Live Crew’s Fresh Kid

Clockwork Orange editor

Red West

co-inventor of the ETHERnet!

Nelsan Ellis/Lafayette Reynolds

hall of fame sportscaster

that guy!

baby Oscar from Ghostbusters II

Rolling Stones muse Anita Pallenberg

did he ever find out who moved his cheese???

Afghan Whigs guitarist

Soviet spymaster

one of the five formidable Fendi sisters

Hollywood camera operator

self-cleaning home-maker

USA womens world cup champ coach

Ms who didn’t miss

imprisoned Chinese Nobel Laureate

he gave James Bond a lift

Prince drummer

Gretzky protector

the oldest of the 12 Hart (wrestling) family children

French composer who influenced the Futurama theme song

Graceland guitarist

Michael Nyqvist/Mikael Blomkvist

he lost 27 consecutive pitching starts!

Abscam investigator 

Grotbags the witch

a guy who was in one of the Harry Potters

some Italian actor

some Skippy actor

some character actor

a mathlete

49ers punter

ASU coach

Jets LB

Patriots QB

FIFA whistleblower 

voiceover guy

Walking Dead stuntman

Elsa Martinelli

some film distributor guy

60 Minuteser

NY reporter

Houston DJ

British film critic

Sun-Times graphic designer

Gloria Estefan’s mom

Stan Lee’s wife

niece and heiress to Greta Garbo fortune

DC food guy dies by food

Mets groundskeeper


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