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happy 47th birthday Popeyes Fried Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!

you fill me with excellence and grease

(but what happened to serving onion rings nationwide????)


It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over

Peace The Forks Out


1 Dog Night

tocuh me cory wells

cory wells 2


Yogi Berra

yogi smile


yogi yank

yogi 2

yoji mets

yogi bear berra



Jackie Collins

jackie collins


Black Moses



moses bullets


Dom DeLuise The II

k paul

dom paul


The Log Lady

log lady

log lady 2

log lady 3

log lady 4



Joan Leslie

he took us on a ‘Sea Cruise’

he co-Zolofted

Lt Kevin Riley

he hid Americans

he was good to the last drop

Police Academy 1er

he saved Ronny

saved reagen

helped put man on moon

the 10th GB Packers head coach

she helped Petticoat Junction function

a Jimmy Olsen

a Sha Na Na-er

REO Speedwagon guitarist


Dean Jones

dean jones

Joaquin Andujar

Remo Williams’ maker

Lorimar Productioner

he connected with French

James Taylor’s mother dies at 92

LL Bean counter

he had it covered

dylan grts hits

Uncle Pat

Mrs Zappa

he took many pitching Chances

NATO commander

saxy Stooge

Dickie Moore

dickie moore

Marty Ingels/Mr Shirley Jones

he directed disasters

Kirk Douglas’ sister

that guy

that Disney kid

yeller soda

a Knick

Janus films dude

a Legend-ary actor

he survived Otis Redding

bagel machine man

Jean Darling

jean darling

press officer at Motown Records

he was strange

a TV man of #s

longtime owner of Michigan’s oldest gay bar

Mr Reston, VA

Mrs Fried Chicken

willie mae scotch

Pirate caller

Paul Sorvino’s Brother

a B-way director

Japanese-American who fought Japan on behalf of America in WWII!

the oldest remaining survivor of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr Subway – Frank DeLuca

frank deluca

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Thanks For The Memories Calories

Popeyes first opened in Arabi, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans, on June 12, 1972, under the name ‘Chicken on the Run‘, by messiah Al Copeland. They only sold mild chicken, and after the people weren’t buying it, Al & Co got all spicy, renamed the coop after The French Connection‘s Detective Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle (and later acquired the rights to use Popeye the Sailor for marketing, which they’ve since abandoned) and the rest is fried skin geniusnesssssssnesssssss / greatnesssssssnesssssss

If you’ve never eaten Popeyes, you might as well not have a mouth

If you’re a vegetarian, LOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLOLLLLOLLLLOLLLLOLLLOLLL, then just eat the biscuits

If you think KFC is better than Popeyes, you don’t deserve to live

Eat Popeyes and make your life better

HAPPY 40th POPEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thighmaster flashback – the year was 1994, and I had just turned 17.  my folks asked what I wanted to do for a birthday dinner and/or party.  I said, how bout an all-you-can-eat Popeyes fest for me and my high school besties????  Guess what, it happened and it was probably the best birthday party I’ve ever had, and I’m not even joking


may you sell fried bestness for 400000000000000000000000000000000000 more years!!!!

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