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Thighs Wide Music 2010

do we need to even tell you anymore how out of the music loop we are?  we don’t even know where the loop is!!!  we’ve paid more attention to Kanye’s tweets than we did to his new album.  do we care?  not one bit, but we did listen to some new music and some old music and so instead of coming up with a top list, here are some pointless awardses!!!

No Bums In These Albums!!!

Bestest Match of Sight & Sound

TRON: Legacy Soundtrack – Daft Punk

Albarn of The Year

Plastic Beach – Gorillaz

Cover Me Goodd!!!!!

Turn Ons – Hotrats

No Sophomore Slump Here!

Congratulations – MGMT

Travis Who?

Wreckorder – Fran Healy

Give Us Us Free!!

All Day – Girl Talk

Give Us Us Part 2 Now Please!!

It’s Not What I Am Thinking Part 1: Photographing Snowflakes – Badly Drawn Boy

So What If We’re A Year Behind, Cause xx Will Always Markz The Spot!!

XX – The xx

So What If We’re 9 or 34 Years Behind, Cause This Schools House Roxxxxxxxx

Innocence & Despair - Langley Schools Music Project

2nd Bestestestest TV Soundtrack Mt EVERest Behind Twin Peaks

Legend – Clannad

Wes Anderson Enlightens Ears, Yet Again (DUH!)

Burl Ives Sings… For Fun - Burl Ives

Mind These Jedi Tricks!!!

And the Band Played On – Max Rebo Band

Box Set, For Life

Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys – The Beach Boys

Tunses For Toonces

1) ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ (Intro) – Brian Wilson
2) ‘Good Vibrations’ – Langley Schools Music Project
3) ‘Heaven Can Wait’ – Charlotte Gainsborg & Beck
4) ‘Too Many Miracles’ – Badly Drawn Boy*
5) ‘White Flag’ – Gorillaz featuring Bashy & Kano
6) ‘Derezzed’ – Daft Punk
7) ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right’ – Hotrats
8) ‘I Found A Whistle’ – MGMT
9) ‘Crystalised’ (Live The xx cover) – Gorillaz
10) ‘On Melancholy Hill’ (Live) – KT Tunstall
11) ‘Buttercups’ – Fran Healy
12) ‘Ramona’ – Beck
13) ‘Aint No Sunshine’ – Neil Diamond
14) ‘Goober Peas’ – Burl Ives
15) ‘Pettin In The Park’ – Dick Powell & Ruby Keeler

* our pick for song of the yearrrrrr!

ALL THIS CAN BE YOURS!!!!!!!! [d-lode]

Concerts That Were
Peppier Than
Peppermint Patty

Gorillaz @ MSG

Roger Waters: The Wall Live @ Madison Square Garden

Badly Drawn Boy @ LPR

Fran Healy @ City Winery

Rock The Bells @ Govs Isle

MGMT @ Ed Sully Theater

Air @ Terminal 5

Charlotte Gainsbourg @ The Bell House

the past is the passed



Gough Dawg Go!

Badly Drawn Boy
Le Poisson Rouge
December 4th

How did we forget about Damon Gough, aka that shaggily beareded British dude who wears a tea cozy on his head and goes by the nom del stage Badly Drawn Boy?  And more importantly, why?  Sure, we skipped a couple of his albums over the past decade, but this is the guy that created probably one of the bestestest original soundtracks ever done did: About A Boy!!!!  After grooving like mad to his latest It’s What I’m Thinking: Photographing Snowflakes [mp3|CD], leading up to his show at Le Poisson Rouge, we weres really dangs ashamed at how little we’ve let his incredible voice and indelible melodies climb into our ears over the years!!!  SHAME ON WE!  Shame on you too?

Said show was a mess, mainly cause Drawn Boy was a drunken mess.  He was a not so happy camper to be away from his daughter on her birthday (guess he didn’t look at the calendar when he scheduled his US tour dates), and got rather surly with his audience, even quitting on some songs 30 seconds into em, but by the end of his 90ish minute set of ye olde and ye new goodies (+ a Stones Roses cover with Andy Rourke from The Smiths!), no one seemed to mind the low-jinks that accompanied this ultimately delightful and moving show, especially those fans he was shaking hands with as he sung his hero Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’ when exiting stage right

set list for Friday’s show looked better than ours.  SCHUCKS!!!

newish BDB tune we can’t get out of our heads and don’t want it to: ‘Too Many Miracles’

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