A Racist In The Fun

clan boxes

Cherry Chan and Cherry Clan boxes from Jason Liebig’s collection

cherry clan art

Cherry Clan by Christopher Johnson

cherry clan wip

cherry clan work in progress by kevko76

cherry clannn

Cherry Clan Wrapper

so, what’s up with Cherry Chans and Cherry Clans?

a Zumbiel Packaging artist, Gus Somers, designed the [Cherry Chan] package by hand (i.e. with a paintbrush). Naturally, it was a complete rip-off of the image and likeness of Charlie Chan.  Sal Ferrara found it amusing that Zumbiel shamelessly borrowed Charlie Chan’s image to help him sell candy… Charlie Chan’s heirs however were not quite as amused and threatened to sue Ferrara Pan if they did not cease and desist.  And so, Ferrara changed the name from Cherry Chan to Cherry Clan — which from a racist perspective was even worse than Cherry Chan.  Cherry Clan featured little squinty eyed Chinese faces wearing conical Asian hats — perhaps to imply that the candy originated in a rice paddy?  The China theme apparently did not work and the Cherry Clans faded from store shelves [and became Cherryheads]


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