Dr. Electric Feelgood

The Ed Sullivan Theater
May 11th

it was no longer time to pretend that MGMT’s new album, Congratulations, sucked, cause in reality, their sophomore effort doesn’t suck twatsoever.  evidence of that was evident when we saw the boys in person on the Live On Letterman gig (which was simultaneously webcasted) last night at the renowned Ed Sullivan Theater.  if you think otherwise, maybe you should speak directly to the MGMT

set list:

Flash Delirium
The Youth
Electric Feel
It’s Working
The Handshake
Song for Dan Treacy
Time to Pretend

Brian Eno

but what, no ‘I Found A Whistle‘????

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3 Responses to “Dr. Electric Feelgood”

  1. Tom Welling: WORLD'S GREATEST ACTOR 12. May, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    DUDE! That guys with the arrow over his head TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE the guys who caught the foul ball Monday night at the Mets / Nats game! That dude is everywhere... and no where. He's F&*@ing Darkman!

  2. Totally agree, their new album has definitely grown on me.

    If you like MGMT, you should for sure check out Stonoway's new album "Beachcomber's Windowsill."

    Here's a link to their video "Watching Birds" from the new album:


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