Barely-n Monroe

Clifton Webb as a baby-sitter indulging with two women in scene from film "Sitting Pretty."

Clifton Webb as a baby-sitter indulging with two women in scene from film "Sitting Pretty."

Clifton Webb as a baby-sitter indulging with two women in scene from film "Sitting Pretty."



unpuiblished LIFE magazine photos of a then-unknown actress Marilyn Monroe, 21, with Clifton Webb and Laurette Luez on the set of the 1948 comedy, Sitting Pretty

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Diana, In

for the annual Bloomington, Indiana trip, the crew tried something a little different – visit at a time when our ballz won’t freeze, and lemme tell you, it was MARVVVVELOUS!!!!!!!


and empty!!! (I actually played ball there!)


and scenic with a ‘K’, like skenik! (don’t tell anyone we were on the roof)


and there were signs!


in neon too!


and cheap fried things!


and learning!


and 80s Star Wars – in German!!


and dudes with snakes on their neck!!


and MUST-staches!!!!


and dudes juss as cool w/o staches!!!


and bears with boobs that are hot, and off-putting at the same time


and great times, and even greater food


can you smell the farts?




you can’t do better than this America!


yep, I filled them holes


and yep, grease is the word, and grease poured out of my butt


bacon anyone?


and Long Island Iced Tea anyone?  warning – you should not drink this, unless you’re a college student and looking to black out in 10 minutes


and yep, the Nats represent everywhere


and Mark Cuban never forgets life before sharks and tanks and being a rich douche

the new Cuban Embassy

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you’re #1, we’re all #1!!


like what you see?

Thighclops #EyeWideOpen

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and so concludes #RanchFarts2015


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Bass Ackwards

dude, you know Saul Bass is a graphical genius.  I’ve told you many times

dude also made some wicked awesome movie shorts, which were SOOOO wicked awesome!!!!

and in his lifetime, he made ONE feature film – Phase IV.  it didn’t do so hot with critics & moneywise at the box office, so there was no film two, but that ONE film, which I saw last nite, is equal parts BLAMMMMMMMMAZING, creepy jeepeys, crazed, and MSTK worthy material

peep thiz Zardozesque trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and look at all this & that that is in this movie.  IT’S INSANITY!!!

phas iv pillars

there are like Star Wars arcade game / Easter Island pillar things!!!

phas iv pillar2

and blue gas smoke!!!


and yellow gas smoke!!!

phas iv yellow

and ants with brains that want to unite and take over earth or something!!!

antz phase iv

and way too many ant close-ups that are WAY too close-up for comfort


and way too close to people’s eyes

ant eye    

and like shiny diamond things that shine on!!!

phase 4 diamonds

and gross $hit!!!

ant crush

and like crazy 70s acid cinema stuff

dissolve phase 4

like some super trippy funked assed sh!t!!!!!!!!!!

sun phase iv

and some of dis!!!!!!!!

phase iv 114


directed by saul bass

sorry the sun set on your filmmaking career after your ambitious, perhaps biting off more than it could chew one feature!!

and there was even an alternate ending to the movie, so ludicrously delicious, that no studio in their right mind would let it be the actual ending, and so, that there studio did NOT indeed let that be the ending, but lemme tell you, this ending is the greatest, mos mind-bendingiest ending of a movie (maybe possibly probably) EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Paul Giamatti Is A Jerk Manager: The Movie II

Straight Outta Compton
Fear of A Black Hatted Planet
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
R | 147 min


Dude, F. Gary Gray (the guy who directed Friday) nailed it.  He took the story of N.W.A. and gave it big screen attitude, AND IT WAS SO BANGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And why did it work?  Cause I believed O’Shea Jackson Jr was Ice Cube (and not just his real life son), and Corey Hawkins was Dr. Dre, and Jason Mitchell was Eazy-E, and I guess Aldis Hodge was MC Ren and guess Neil Brown Jr was DJ Yella.  It felt so real, but real like in a music video real real kinda way, but was like so f’reals, like 7 reals!!  And it had a lot of heart, and baseball bats, and those amazing black hats (how did they plan on who got to wear which hat on which day????).  147 minutes never felt so fun, and quick, and jheri-curled.  Get STRAIGHT at this movie, NOW!!

Bust morest importantly, it’s the 2nd movie I’ve seen this year where Paul Giamatti plays a music impresario who means well, but is mean, and greedy, and kinda horrible… and of course Giamattz plays it to perfection  

In Love & Mercy he was Dr Landy – Brian Wilson’s worst daymare

gimatti landy

and in Compton, he was the pimp behind the wheels & deals – Jerry Heller

heller giamatti

would you trust Gi-mattz and his toupees??? 

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Compton is Straight awesome – at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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