The Resolution Will Be Televised

TV is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

bates motel look

bates motel look2

bates motel look3

Tracy Spiridakos’ boobies make Norman want to master Bates Motel 


the Eels’ ‘Fresh Blood’ aka, the theme from The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

roxxxxx so hard, and gives me the heeby jeebies!!!


the unfriendly faces that Tim Love & Joe Bastianich make on Restaurant Startup, aka my favorite show on television!!!!!!

restaurant starup faces 3

restaurant starup faces 2   restaurant starup faces 6

restaurant starup faces 5

restaurant starup faces 4

restaurant starup faces

but sometimes they smile!!

restaurant starup


The Lepre of Chaun

Clancy Sheehy, leprchaun thru the years

patys day

leppy chaun

Clancy was 4-foot, 3-inches, and always the centerpiece of Boulder, Colorado’s World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  He died at age 73 in 2000 [more at Denver Post]


Flyed Chicken

chevy food fight

chevy chase food2

Chevy Chase gives thought for food
[via a & b]

popcorn nudeeee

Nu au pop-corn (Popcorn nude) by Philippe Halsman


Fiber for Uranus

vac pac corn flakes

vacuum-packed cornflakes for astronauts, 1983


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