Serving Time & Food!

The Jail Café, located at 4212 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. A ‘jailer’ watches from a guard tower on the roof.  Below the tower, a sign reads: ‘Dancing. Famous for their $1.25 dinners. Steak. Chicken. Lobster. Open from 5pm on. No cover charge.‘ Note the caricature faces peeking from behind the barred windows.  Inside – a ‘convict’ takes the customers’ order.  top photo dated – August 16, 1927


Old Hollywood’s Best Theme Restaurants Specialized in Abductions and Dungeons

Inside the Wild World of L.A.’s Early Theme Restaurants


Skiff Competition

Ralph McQuarrie‘s cover art for 1987’s Golden Sunlands by Christopher Rowley

looks oddly/skiffly familiar/similar

to his conceptual artwork done for George Lucas and Return of The Jedi!!!!

although I think Jedi woulda been a bit better with giant flying catfish wombats!!!


Wookieepedia – skiff


Wicket Sense of No Humor

The Ewoks and the Magic Sunberries, also known as Ewoks on Ice and marketed as Ice Capades and Ewoks, also known as WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN GEORGE LUCAS WAS OUT TO DESTROY WHAT HE CREATED IN THE MID-80s!!!!!!

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