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I somehow neglected to post Eric Brooks‘s Curly W beard photo 100 weeks ago.  shame on me


Throw Me My Idols

Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made
Whip Smart
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Not Rated | 104 min

raiders dudes

Sometimes there is actual truth in advertising – as is such when a documentary called Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made documents the past, present and future of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation – which is, without a doubt, the greatest fan film ever made.  If you’ve never seen it – you need to.  You really do!  I had the good fortune of seeing the film 5 years ago and it blew my childish mind, and met the (now) adult guys who made their childhood dreams by remaking their favorite film, starting in 1982… and never really finishing it

The filmmakers and stars – Chris StrompolosEric Zala, Jayson Lamb and their friends – did as much as they could on their small allowances, availble resources, and summers off from school – but never completed the airplane scene (you know, with the explosions and shirtless Nazi brute getting his head chopped off).  Time passed, relationships fizzled, the boys became men, married – with children, but the itch was still there – to finish the Adaptation once and for all, and so the boys did a Kickstarter – raised funds, completed the airplane scene – and finished the film.  BOOOM!  Sounds like a walk in the park, right?  Well, to get from the start to this finish was not only a labor of love, it was a laborious love with MANY a skipped and stop heartbeats

All of this, AND MORE, is covered in the fun fun fun documentary (that I actually saw 5 years to the very day that I saw the Adaptation!!!!!!), based on Alan Eisenstock’s book of the same name, and all of this AND that continues to blow my childish mind.  What these kids did, and what these adults have done continue to endlessly inspire me and inspire endless awe in my eyes, mind, heart and soul, endlessly – WITHOUT END!!!!!  They lived out their childhood dreams, while children!!!  Something most of us have never done.  BLESS THESE BOYS (men)!!!

The original film they made sometimes plays in theaters, but is now finally available on DVD and digital download [disclosure – I actually helped to put the disc together for them in my day job], and if you buy it, you help to support these guys who deserve your support (because I said so!).  Maybe they’ll take the money and remake Zardoz.  MAYBE!!!

VerdictgoBreast In Show

Raiders! is found ark art currently in limited release, and the fellas are touring with the doc, so see them in your city!

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Happy Forever

Happy Together Tour 2016
Beacon Theater
June 16th, 2016

I was born and raised on oldies music.  Thanks mom and dad.  It’s one of the greatest gifts that you gave me besides life and your love.  And I LOVE and LIVE for oldies music – and it, and rock n’ roll will NEVER die  

Sure, I bet you like oldies too, but limited to hearing it recorded, from the comfort of your home/car/office/wherever you music your music.  But I also bet that you couldn’t give 4 sh!ts about what these great artists are up to now (unless it’s Dylan or McCartney or Plant or Mick and Keef or Simon or Garf or Roger Waters or some of those other dudes), and that’s fine… by you

Well, I care, and I want to see these old fogeys live, whether they’re washed up or not – cause these are the dudes who sang the songs, and while the songs will be around forever, the people won’t – and we owe it to them to give them our money, AND our love, and in turn, for them to sing us these songs.  Also, my big theory with concerts remains – see the band/artist before you OR they die.  Why not?  Don’t you wish you saw Prince? (not exactly an oldie, but take my point – point taken)

And so, I (and Spakula) took in the 2016 version of the ‘Happy Together’ tour.  In 2010, I saw a version of it that included The Turtles (who are the stewards of the annual tour), Micky Dolenz, The Beach Boys and Mark Lindsay

happy together 2016

Billy J. Kramer (of he and The Dakotas fame)

this was suppose to be Spencer Davis’ slot on the bill, but he was a late scratch, and was replaced by a guy I don’t even know by name, but I do know his songs.  they’re the typical British soft rock music going around when the Beatles got going, and of course Billy J had a story about the Beatles.  he sounded fine, and was a fine opener, which was fine.  And who wants to hear Spencer Davis songs w/o Stevie Winwood anywayzz?

Setlist – I Call Your Name / I’ll Keep Your Satisfied / From a Window / Little Children / Bad to Me / Glad All Over (The Dave Clark Five cover)

The Cowsills

HAIR!!!!! #TheCowsills!!!!!!!!!! #HappyTogetherTour

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I really only stumbled upon the real-life Partridge Family 3 years back, when a Cowsills doc shock rocked my world, and ever since then, I’ve doused myself in their fun-loving dippy hippy music, and have been VERRRRRRRRRRRY eager to see them play live.  Sure, their mom and big brothers have passed on, but 3 Cowsills is still better than zero Cowsills, right?  (their other living brother actual tours now with the Beach Boys).  Anywho, the Cowsills are the babies on this tour – compared with the ages of the dudes in the other bands – and the Cowsills still rock it.  I kinda want to see a full show of theirs, and ogle at Susan Cowsill – forever a cutiepie mcgee

SetlistThe Rain, the Park and Other Things / We Can Fly / Indian Lake / Love American Style / Hair

Gary Puckett (of he and The Union Gap fame)

For some reason, my family was at Hershey Park in the 80s and we randomly got to see Gary Puckett play live.  I cannot confirm this – but it may have been the first ever concert I went to AND remembered (if not them, then it was the Beach Boys, when they played in DC on the 4th of July, which seemed like every year).  And that one concert left a lasting impression on me – and ever since then, I have always loved Gary Puckett… even if the lyrics to his ‘Young Girl’ are a bit icky.  But Gary’s still got it.  And he’s still a snappy dresser, and he sorta looks like Data from Star Trek

SetlistLady Willpower / Over You / This Girl is a Woman Now / Woman, Woman / Young Girl

Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere and The Raiders fame)

It feels like I’ve seen Mark Lindsay like 23893929 times before (even though it was probably only once), and I was kinda dreading seeing him again, but I dreaded for NOTHING, cause skinny Mark fcuking kicked it!!!!  Especially with ‘Kicks’!!

SetlistSteppin’ Out / Just Like Me / Hungry / Good Thing / Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian) / Kicks

Chuck Negron (of Three Dog Night fame)

I am a Three Dog Night apologist.  I say this cause I’ve had to defend how awesome they are to people who think they are not awesome.  Well, if you don’t like Three Dog Night, and still don’t, then I don’t know why you have ears  

Anywho, the dudes who tour as Three Dog Night were 2 of the 3 dogs.  I saw them play a racetrack 3 years ago, and it was BLAM-MAZING.  One of those dogs – Cory Wells – sadly died last year, and so I was glad I was able to see and hear that dog before he passed, but I always wanted to hear all 3 dogs howl together.  Didn’t happen, but the next best thing was to hear the 3rd dog.  Spankfully I now have, and Chuck (cousin of Taylor) Negron didn’t disappoint – although he no longer has rad long hair AND an awesome-szósz MUST-ache to end all mustaches  

I’ll hold out hope of the two remaining dogs making peace and reuniting, but if I had to choose between seeing Three Dog Night with juss Danny Hutton or seeing Chuckie Negs go it alone – I will go with Negron!

SetlistShambala / Celebrate / Eli’s Coming / One / Joy to the World

The Turtles

Dude, these are the guys who sing ‘Happy Together’. HAPPY TOGETHER!!!  WHAT A SONG!!!!  SO GOOD THAT IT’S THE NAME OF A TOUR THAT PERFECTLY SUMMARIZES WHAT THE TOUR IS!!!!  I’ve loved this song forever, and especially done did when it was used in that John Malkovich/Ann Magnuson 1987 joint Making Mr Right!!  MAKING MR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SetlistShe’d Rather Be With Me / You Baby / It Ain’t Me, Babe (Bob Dylan cover) / Peaches en Regalia (Frank Zappa cover) / Elenore / Happy Together


Pup & Circumstance

Sergeant Stubby 

stubby dog

Sergeant Stubby (July 21, 1916 – March 16, 1926) is the most decorated war dog of World War I, and the only dog to be nominated for rank and then promoted to sergeant through combat.  He was the official mascot of the US’ 102nd Infantry Regiment 

stubb flag

He saved his regiment from surprise mustard gas attacks, found and comforted the wounded, and once caught a German soldier by the seat of his pants, holding him there until American soldiers found him  

He met Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren G Harding 

conroy stubby

Starting in 1921, he attended Georgetown University Law Center with his owner Corporal Robert Conroy (above), and became the Georgetown Hoyas’ team mascot. He would be given the football at halftime and would nudge the ball around the field to the amusement of the fans

gtown stub by
Stubby died in his sleep in 1926. After his death, he was preserved with his skin mounted on a plaster cast. Conroy presented Stubby to the Smithsonian in 1956

stubby smithsonian


Louisville Slugger

Peace The Forks Out


Muhammad Ali

ali the picture to end all puictrure3s

kid punch

beatles ali

mj ali

dylan ali

stevie ali

prince ali

stallone ali

pyror ali

sammy ali

ali x

mlk ali

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jim brown ali

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superman ali

wrestlamiona ali

jordan alui

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pele ali

ali carter

ali bubba

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ali cosell

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ali 2

ali monopply

No Debatest – He Was The Greatest

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