He Can’t Stand

Phil Collins
Madison Square Garden
October 7

Phil Collins has back and feet issues, so when he plays, he sits.  That’s the only bad news.  The rest is great news!  And apparently he doesn’t even hate Jews (I had to research the rumor EVERY Jew knows about him – ask a Jew if you don’t know of the Phil Collins-Jews rumor)!!!  Some of his old notes can’t be hit AS high, but the man, who may be short on strength, was strong on performance.  And he didn’t even need a jacket.  It was not required! 

SetlistAgainst All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) / Another Day in Paradise / Hang in Long Enough / Don’t Lose My Number / Throwing It All Away / Follow You Follow Me / I Missed Again / Who Said I Would / Separate Lives (Stephen Bishop cover) / Drum Trio / Something Happened on the Way to Heaven / You Know What I Mean / In the Air Tonight / You Can’t Hurry Love (The Supremes cover) / Dance Into the Light / Invisible Touch / Easy Lover(Philip Bailey cover) / Sussudio

EncoreTake Me Home

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#PhilCollins took me home AND iRemember

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