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Remember, Smile, Always

this lady

Lynn Guttmann has been appointed Director of Finance for Seattle Center Department effective April 11, 1983. This position includes management of the Operating Fund Finance and Accounting Section, a capital Accounting Section, Management Systems and Warehousing. Further, Ms Guttmann will supervise the preparation and financial management of the Department’s budget, bond fund, the accounting, purchasing and fiscal management of the Department as well as the development and implementation of the Department’s cost accounting system [ebay]


Make Basketball, Not Love

bball kiss

even though basketball is supposed to be a non-contact sport, Tom Zeimantz, #13 of the University of Hawaii at Hilo seems to be the recipient of a mid-game kiss from Dan Masariu, #22, of Franklin College, Indiana. Masariu was diving for the ball when he landed on Zeimantz. The match was during his first round, of the NAIA 41st Annual National Basketball Tournament. Hawaii won 76-74 advancing to the second round

Kansas City, March 15, 1978, by Jose M More


check out these 20th century foxes!!!

20th century foxes

Group photo of the 20th Century Fox basketball team,  March 19, 1940

Back row, from left to right – Ken Redding, Roy Lovitt, Frank Lubin, Carl Knowles, Bob Brown, and Bud Fisher, manager

Front row, from left to right – Don Morgan, John Carroll, Art Mollner, and Jack Hupp


[top via ebay / bottom via lapl]

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Booer Radley

dude, Margery Mason is 99 years old today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 who’s Margery Mason???


she’s about 1 year away from being as old as the Ancient Booer, but she’s still full of life and will juggle yer balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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