Kevin Arnold’s Dad Isn’t Everything, He’s The Only Thing

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Kevin Arnold’s dad was always angry, and often very loud about it.  In a new Broadway play based on some of legendary Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi’s life, Kevin Arnold’s dad embodies his huge body, and mouth, and it’s a perfect match made on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.  But is it the perfect play?  Don’t ask us, as we see about one show every 2 years (cause plays are usually boring AND a giant waste of money), and most of them are cheesy musicals.  There’s no music here, but it’s cheesy lessthenone.  And juss how theatrical could a play about football actually be?  Brian’s Song is one thing, but gritty gridironer Lombardi doesn’t exactly lend himself to tense drama, especially since you know the guy was a proven winner, and didn’t have much adversity, unless you count being married to a tuff broad played by Judith Light, who takes her turn playing the boss of their household!  Still, it’s only 90 minutes, and it’s about football, and it’s not supergay, and we love Kevin Arnold’s dad, even if he was a giant assjerk, but if lame-o Kevin and annoying Wayne were our kids, we’d be a giant jerkass too!!

Lombardi kicks a field goal starting October 21st

bonus: Jack Arnold, Winnie & Paul reunite (in 2008)!!!

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