When You LookWith Your ThighsEverything Seems Nice

Lily Allen’s real ‘LDN’ vid is a real scream, hispecially the beginning

& makes the olde one look like Brett Ratner student film

czech out LA performing ‘LDN’ acoustic on Jonathan Ross, who in turn was czeching out LA’s mum’s boob

Music Like Dirt has gone thru the trouble to piece together Alright, Steal, a collection of the original tunes that Lily sampled on her album

and here, darling Lils covers Keane’s ‘Everybody’s Changing’ [d] via Discobelle

bestest NY/NJ Luscious news since Mr Harris joined the Nets: Luscious Jackson Reunite — To Make Children’s Album

peep Kasabian’s colored iPod commerish flavored vid for their killah track ‘Shoot The Runner’ from their killah album Empire

try not to peep Gnarls B’s gross ‘Gone Daddy Gone’ vid

if yer Dexter Manley don’t even bother peepins Jarvis Cockney’s ‘Cunts Are Still Running The World’ vid

hottiest sound ’round: the Armand Van Helden remix of the Moby/Debbie Harry jammy jam ‘New York, New York’ [d]

not so hottiest but still worth the free d-lode: the new Basement Jaxx ditty

Retrocrush’s int wit Weird Al

The Scopitone

Baby Toupees, including ‘The Bob’ and ‘The Lil Kim’

and if I could recommend juss one outrageously gay French album that would make u want to float in space, tit would not doubtedly be Air’s Jean-Benoit Dunkel‘s sizzlin solo stizz Darkel

[‘At The End of The Sky’ vid | d]

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