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My 10 year high school reunion RULED, cause I was the most popular kid EVER and our school ruled and I ruled the school!!!! All my classmutts got to meet, greet, and bow to the newly minted Mr and Mrs Thigh Master of Thighland!! And My Man Marvkus was there and he even wore his special helmet!!!


• NINE minutes of Narnia footage!!! I only allowed myself to watch a minute of it, but this shiz is gonna be the CHRONIC(les) [via CumSoon]

• Borat responds, in video form, to Kazakhstan’s litigation threats against his alter ego [via CNN/Borat Site]

• Who knew that CC the IV was niggled by her knees?

• The Encyclopedia Britannica commercial kid has a blog, with 98% less mandibula [via Data Dizzle]

• Congratulations Hanes, you have finally created some beatoff matz

• Pat Morita proving that man who fish with chopstick can get press in ’67

• The MySpace Legion Of Extraordinary Stupid Hair Super Heroes!

• 2004 was sorta the new 1861

• Cheerioke [via Crude Feet]

• Most dangerous toys

• Macy’s T-Giving Day Parade of ’89, with bonus footage of NBC’s KILLAH Saturday Night Lineup (227, Amen, The Golden Girls and Empty Nest)

• Bid to own Herbie, which may or may not have Lohag butt stains [via The I-Train]

• Shockey, premature jockularity (stolen from Dan Patrick), gif stizz [via Guns n’ Rosenthal]

• Kate, can we be friendsters with privileges?

• And what’s the bestest advantage of having older siblings? Being exposed to things your really shouldn’t be at many a tender ages. One memory of mammories that stands out in my mind is watching Valley Girl at or around the age of 6. I think that was the berry first time that I saw boobs on TV. I don’t remember much else, but from that day forward, I was hooked for life on the things that most men don’t have, but we all love. I think even gay men love boobs. I know the Bloodhound Gang surely do, but who knows if they are gay or not. Anywho, everyone in that movie showed us their boobs, even Tommy Pickles/Pee-Wee’s bike buddy Dottie/the singer in and of Better Off Dead, eggcept for, I believe, the one lil hottie that Nicolas Cage would stop the world for, just for melting: Deborah Foreman [d-lode the Modern English tune for full effect]. I give her props for keeping her clothes on, but I give her POOPS for being one of the flyest lizadies of the his-eighties who basically fell into b-movie helldom and started to look like crusty Charlotte Rampling in Swimming Pool [NSFW]. Why can’t I invents a time machine and bring Ms Foreman, Dirty Woman, Fly Girl, and The Dolenz, in all their former glories, into the now and make them party with me in a giant jacuzzi… kinda like what Uncle Rico dreamt of with his soul mate. But alas, I can’t invents things and can only write about the wrongs my lil prepubescent eyes had seen. BOOOOOOOOOOBS!!! So, ya think you don’t know who Ms Foreman is? Wellski, did I mention that she was the sultry sultan in Real Genius that made me want to own dress shirts so that one day a nakkid chick could wear my dress shirt, NAKED??

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