23 Skidoo MeIn The Morning

No poems for yer b-day this year luv, juss a vote of confidence for the one ticket I’d love get behind and throw my weight into. And by weight, I mean my 15 lb cockasarus that I like to call Thighrassic Park

• Peep the trailer for Lady In The Water, M Night Shamalamadingdong’s latest snoozealammadingdong. My guess on the twist: Pig Vomit’s is about to marry a mermaid, until his best friend Lowell reveals that the merbizatch doesn’t really eggsist, but are actually Sea Monkeys from HELL!! Mr Vomit then drinks a lot of Merlot and steals money from his mom and eats until he cries and some real woman sympathy bangs him. Regardless, the Vomit will still be Oscar nom-less.

• Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

• You may still not know yer Peter Sarsgaards from yer Stellan SkarsgÃ¥rds, but either way, you’ve never heard nuttin til you’ve heard Stellan’s Swedish ditty, ‘Bombi Bitt’

• Who knew that one Killer album could land ya a box set. Get it while the fuss is hot kids, cause album #2 is gonna be more like Cold Fussion

• The real reason the Jackson 5 were going back to Indiana

• Cause I never want t-giving to end: Did the Pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer?

• The Dad Saddle [via the Roachclip]

• I have only one word for the year anniversary of Nancy Zerg’s dethroning of Ken Jennings: paper. Add one more set of papers if GoodfellasJimmy Two Times is involved.

• And after eons of referencing the effin man (J2T), yet not being able to produce a single snap of him, I have decided for the good of the internets to break several copyright laws and giveth you what you all rightly deserve…

Lettuce juss hope the Brothers Warner don’t send a lawyer to my apt with the papers, the papers

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