Marwan Is Da Loneliest Numba That You’ll Ever Do

• Is that Jenna Bush’s bush [NSFW] dat I o’ say can I see????#~@?$?~?$%$ And twat do we all owe this (dis)honor??? By the Lays, she kinda reminds me of a chubbier Cuthbest. [clam bake via Zach de la Roachclip, other pic via Fark]

• Page Six Six Six to be deep sixed by Page Six? Does that mean that dear ole Paige Six will be 86ed by Turk 182!? [Gawker article via Jared, cause I don’t read Gawker… sorry Jess :(]

• Ex-Maryland great, Juan Dixon was inspired by the internets to not play all sucky-like, our beloveded Guns n’ Rosenthal reports. Hopefully something similar will happen where Kate Booosworth reads this site and ceases to be borrrrrrrrring.

• Sick of Ultragrrrrrrrrl? Too bad.

• Bestest Trent pink texty thing of ’05 [via Some Site]

• Coach Carter meets Pulp Fiction meets Chris Chelios? [via MerWizzle]

• Jennifer Wilbanks Runaway Bride Wedding Kit! [The Miami Vikings of Bloggeriah]

• How many Mischa Bartons = one XL member of the Davis clan? I say, maybe 16? [via ONTD]

• Say g’bye to yer free whack-off matz you Texan high schoolers!

• More Ron Mexico clothing [another via Z de la R]

• Steve Irwin can’t help but be… Steve Irwin

• I hate cartoons, but… [via Johnny Dollah Dollar Bill Y’alls]

• Dancing Mascots Animated Gif [via the new Hotness]

• Did anyone see Pat O’Brien at Coachella ? [NYDailyNewz/Spence]

Bonus late link: Skeeter’s 50 Most Beautiful Hipsters As Seen On The Cobra Snake [look for it below Jimmy Fallon’s un-funnyness]

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