• Looks like we’ve almosdef reached the end of the road in Chimpmunk Lynndieland, but it’s never too late for Doing a Lynndie!

• Why does Ho-han looks like a frumpy dumpy microwaved version of Natalie Portwine, and other pics from the 7th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. One of our Thighs Spies was there and although there was much hotness abound, our agent could not help but be thighsmerized by the young talent of 15-year old Hayden Panettiere. And what kinda lass name is dat? Is it a place u can eat pressed sandwiches or is it a place to buy panties? Story to be legally followed up in 3 years time.

• Martin wants to be a FREE-MAN from comedies!!!@#$$$ “One can only hope for a part as a paedophile child killer to break out of it.”

• I’m afraid of Americanzzzzz.

• Wow!

• No!

• Who is this Trent guy anywayz? Why do people keep asking him questions? And should I be scared that he has me surrounded by men wit der shirts off?

• The Ten Best Lesbian Scenes in Mainstream Movies. Twat, no LOVE for the Mulholland hotties? [NSFWness via G-zilla]

• Jenny Wilbanks bitched @ swirthy with crazy Brazilian-eyed girl? [call via Guns n Rosenthal]

• MySpace’s myspace is lame-o. How cum I can’t make myself my own bestest friend? I have so much in common with me!! But dat doesn’t mean that you can’t all be my friends and send me wet hot american emails!

• It’s been only 2 days since we last saw each other, but Cuthy’s still round & hittin the town, while I’m busy making the world safe for animated rape porn. Althoughski I would have loved to hold hands with my main squeeze-box, I am kinda glad I got to skip out on Paris Hilton’s wax figure unveiling at NYC’s Mad Two-Swads. I mean, she’s made of wax to begin with. Picture proof positive…

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