Mourning Mormon’s Morning

i hear she drives a yugo, drinks shafta, and rocks a le bag bag

– Peace the fork out and good riddance to Ken Jennings/Cpt Bordempants and his 74-game winning streak. You LOST to a woman… with a haircut that most of our mother’s had in the 80s.

– The one and only MUSS CLICK pic of Spock awaits your virgin eyes. [via Nipsy & Tuck]

– I’m dying to get my hands on a pair of these Desperate Housewives oven mitts. I’m also foaming at the mouth to get my mitts all over Eva Longoria.

– The legend of Zubaz pants will never die. [via Andre Dawson’s Love Child]

It’s Karate, Kid! The Musical [via DJ Hanicapper]

Coldplay album due in March. Outkast in June?

– According to a survey, ‘mother’ is the mostest beautiful word in the English dictionary. Don’t get me wrongs, me mumsy is the greatest thang in the world, but the finest word be ‘titties’. [via New Trier Alma Matters]

– I have no friggin clue who Junior Kimbrough be, but the artists lined-up to pay tribute to him are fee-nominal: The Fiery Furnaces, Iggy and the Stooges, Spiritualized, The Black Keys, AND Blues Explosion with Elliott Smith!

– Speaking of the real FFs, their franztastic bassist, Toshi Yano will fill-in as the other FFs’ bassist, as Bob Hardy recovers from having gas problems.

This could be the most unwanted holiday gift since gold-plated umbilical cords.

– Yale rules. Harvard sucks. [via My Man Marvkus]

Mandy Moore apparently is the cause of the Lohan/Fez splitsville. To get back at her former beau, Her Former Royal Thighness is looking to shack up with someone ‘high profile’. No reason to beat around yer hairy bush love, why don’t you just ask me to take you back? But I don’t know if I should even bother chasing her around when her father’s doing that to her already. And then there’s this whole bidness she’s got with her former boss, a real character with a higher profile and deeper pockets than a snooker table

how do you think she got to star in all dem disney films?  talent?

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