Caff & Nick At Eeen

rene zellweger aint got nothing on you meg!

Despite what my boy Pak-Man dubbed as one of the worst movie he’s ever seen (and he loves any movie), I still wanted to see Jim Jar-mush-mouth’s drink/smoke/talk-a-thon known as Coffee and Cigarettes. The main reason: to see Meg White’s curves and as Scott Stereoshizzle described, her “horrific teeth. No wonder she never opens her mouth.” Indeed! But despite her British teeth, she and Jackie White are natural actors. More so than cast mate Iggy Pop (see, or don’t see The Crow: City of Angels), although it’s always nice to see his Droopy Dogesque face. The black & white cinematography was f-in mint, but it hurt my eyes to watch it… and I almost fell asleep. Same thing happened when mees was watching Schindler’s List. It also didn’t help that 1/3 of the vignettes were more boringer than my G109 – Weather and Climate class at ole IU. But despite some of dem eye slitting scenes, there were some moments that truly shined, like Scatman Crothers or Danny in The Shining. Obvs props go out to the aforementioned former Mr and Mrs White, RZA/GZA/Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett’s duel role, and the Alfred Molina/Steve Coogan “Cousins?” encounter. Not a MUSS C, but worth a peep. Although I could have lived without ever seeing Meg’s teeth and the nic fit the movie gave me. And by the way, shitty-ass website, his name is Steve Buscemi, not Peter.

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