Shiz That Hized Today

These People Were Born

1916 – Beverly “Loud and” Cleary

1947 – David “Pearl Jam’s” Letterman

1947 – Tom “For Some Reason I Think B Affleck
is a Better Jack Ryan” Clancy

1979 – Claire “My So Called Acting Career” Danes

You bore me, & you
look like my friend JP

And These People Croaked

1945 – Franklin D “eez Nutz” Roosevelt

1981 – “Average” Joe Louis

1989 – Sugar “Free” Ray Robinson

1989 – Abbie “Normal” Hoffman

2001 – Harvey “Have In A” Ball…
the dude who invented the Smiley

2003 – Cecil H. Green, Texas Instruments Founder
Damn you and yer $2,000 graphing calculators

How does one invent “the Smiley”?

And This Shit Happened

1633 – Galileo is convicted of eating Hershey chocolate…
I mean heresy

1961 – Yuri Gagarin is the first man in space. No one really cares unless the word “American” is in that statement.

1992 – Euro Disney opens in France. Jerry Lewis replaces Michael Jackson in the French version of the 3-D extravaganza Captain Eo.

The least watched 3-D
movie since Jaws 3-D

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