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Shirts & Skins

we’ve missed you Kathryn Prescott as Emily Fitch!!!!!

kat prescott 2013


to be seen in one of the very final :( eps of Skins, ever

kat skins 7

where has the time gone???


Stop Fish

look, we’re no fan of fish eating, but who in the right mind would ever eat a fish that they caught in a river surrounding NYC???

from New York City Area: Eating Fish You Catch – 2010-2011 [pdf]



Freya Mavor = not gross!!

her Mini Skins ep = major heartbreak awesomness!!!

Generation Three 9ever!!!!


Diora Baird, the constantly hotttttt gardner


F&ck Yeah Skins
From Any Country!

after only two episodes, purty safe to say that Skins generation 3 is already > Skins generation 2

here’s hoping that white swan Grace & heavy metal Rich make some beautiful music together

& why hate on US Skins when you should be loving on how hot Rachel Thevenard (Michelle) is!!!

and oh yeah, the other US Skins ladies be mad fine too!

(the US Skins guys could use a lot of work… esp in the acting dept)


Blue On Blue Richards

only watched one lil ep of the British edish of Skins Series (or as we still like to call it ‘Season’) 5, and have already been bitten all over again by these new kids, and of course 9ever smitten, especially with the character Franky Fitzgerald (played by the beautifully piercing eyed Dakota Blue Richards), who has instantly vaulted herself into bestest Skinser territory, alongside Cassie, Sid, Sketch and Cook

lettuce hope this hotness can continue, especially since the last gang floundered in its second season (there was far too little shower scenes with the Fitch/Prescott twins), and the American version, while thighly spirited, aint eggzactly the real deal Holyfield, but how was it ever gonna be?

all snappages stolens from Fuck Yeah Dakota Blue Richards

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