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Dinner City Pressure

8-year old Conchords fan Verity Armitage is a Mel in training wheels [Secret Conchords show packs tiny store]

two words we don’t want to hear ever again
writer’s strike
luckily we won’t have to, for now
E! breaks down what the dealio be with all the shows

Señor Spielbergo has only room in his heart for one Olympics. So why don’t you go ahead and watch the bestest movie of 2005, AGAIN

Señor Wences

The Col-Pop, an All-in-One Chicken Nugget and Soda Cup [Cuzin Dano]

Pet Peek, so your dog can sorta look like an astronaut, without leaving the yard!

boobies, you can drive my car [purty much NSFW]

who knew that we were so world renouned and readjectived?!

what the ufck is Seychelles?



Tar Heels All Wounds

while you were livin it up wherever you was bein this past tweakend, I was gettin my Ole McDonald on in St Nowhere, for the second time in 1/2 a year (please lord, don’t let it happen again!!). Sure, it wasn’t no club taradise, but anything was heaven on hearth after the muggy bogues that was Miami Bitch

this may not look like much to you

but if it means that you dont have to
take a dump outside
den this shiz is more majestic than the Taj Mahal!

twas three thymes a charm
as we finally succumbed
and came all over ourselves

after scarfin down
‘jangles sweet sweetback’s baadasssss’
BoBerry & Cinnamon Sweet Biscuits

who’s ever heard of a Tatung anything?

Hell, I wouldn’t even let Hitler use this piece of Ta-crap

RDU blows goats cause they wouldn’t let me smuggle
2 cans of Cheerwine north of the Anthony Mason-Juan Dixon line

but they made up for it by having an all-ACC sto

and gots a few mo bonus points

for the bestest use of two A’s since
Amsterdam’s Centraal Station


Tis Madness, Ides Say!






go TWERPS, HOOSIERS, COLONIALS & the two CAA squads!

pootube help from The Thinker, Ad Mich, Guns n Rosenthal, The Fan House & Andre Dawson Lover #1

+ fab BONUS: The Good, The Bad & The Queen‘s 9:30 Club show in em pee three format [d via NPR]


This Is Sparta Lame

What The Dilios?
Trailers & mo


I loves me some mindless entertainment, but 300 is sain and plimply mindless. If yer as big a fan of HBO’s Rome, as yer beloved Thigh Mizzle is, then you will probably agree that this flick is not even as good as its wurstest episode… and for the record, there hasn’t been one single bad edish of the Lucius Vorenus-Titus Pullo funfest. Many have admitted that there’s no soul, heart or real emotion goings on in this big screen adaptation of this ‘beloved’ Frank Miller graphic novel, but it hasn’t seem to bother them (I guess they were also fans of Tarsem’s The Cell). Well, it bothers the hechinger’s outta me cause all the green/blue screen special effects aren’t the least bit impressive. So if a flick has no core and no shiny outside then it is truly nothing. Not for a lack of trying, but 300 is a total failure when you compare it to the other Frank Miller trip down cinema lane: Sin City [TWS.org review]. So why did Sin City rock and 300 suck my cock? Besides the obvious like the casts and directors 300 tries too hard to be serious that it’s laffabull… shit. It seems more like a dumb comic book movie than a graphic novel film. I was so annoyed by the cocky Spartans that I was secretly rooting for the Persians to webster slaughter them by the end of the first battle. Hell, there was more drama from the Spartans of Michigan State when they took my Terps to the wire at MSG in November than there was in this neverending slo-motion sword and sandal shit pic. But don’t take my word for it. I bet Captain Oveur‘s a big fan.

to sum up, or for those who skipped the first paragraph, 300 is a two hour poor man’s version of this redonkeylessly overproduced Marines commerish from yesteryear…

Unsatisfied with this?: take a look at Jacques-Louis David’s Leonidas an den Thermopylen painting and get da drama that’s missing from 300

Possible Porno Name: Three Humpettes

Apt MPupil3: Sparta’s ‘The Most Vicious Crime‘ [d]

Gettin Graphic: Apparently director Zak Snyder can’t stop adapting, as the long gestating film version of Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel The Watchman is next on his docket

John Grisham’s Jizzum (aka Verdict): I find no merit in the movie, but it’s not a complete zero, but since one-star flicks leo getz the same label as zeros… Slit Your Eyes Out Repoopulous•

and all apologies go out to Britain’s Amistadish Amazing Grace and Anthony Minghella’s modern day melodrama Breaking & Entering. We saw both of these 8+ mos before they were released in theaters and never got around to reviewing them. There’s a reason why it took so long for them to get to theaters and so I figure that that was reason enuff to not review them. While I’d say each are worth a peep, I’d also have to say that both are underwhelming

until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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