Blue On Blue Richards

only watched one lil ep of the British edish of Skins Series (or as we still like to call it ‘Season’) 5, and have already been bitten all over again by these new kids, and of course 9ever smitten, especially with the character Franky Fitzgerald (played by the beautifully piercing eyed Dakota Blue Richards), who has instantly vaulted herself into bestest Skinser territory, alongside Cassie, Sid, Sketch and Cook

lettuce hope this hotness can continue, especially since the last gang floundered in its second season (there was far too little shower scenes with the Fitch/Prescott twins), and the American version, while thighly spirited, aint eggzactly the real deal Holyfield, but how was it ever gonna be?

all snappages stolens from Fuck Yeah Dakota Blue Richards

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