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Double Blair’s Physical Challenge

The Roommate
Single White Doppelgängers
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Just in case you couldn’t tell, Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester look a lot alike… like totally wicked adorable chicks with bright eyes and similar hotness faces!!!  However, they definitely don’t act alike.  One has chops, and the other should be chopped to bits.  Playing with type, Blair Waldorf has the fun mischievous devil role in The Roommate, while Lyla Garrity is stuck with the boring plain angel role.  Obviously the creepy roommate isn’t going to win out in the end, but in this case/flick, we sure wish she did.  Who wants to root for Minka Garrity?   Even if she’s on-screen loving everyone’s mos flavorite jerky badboy Cam Gigandet… who seems to have co-starred with every single Hollywood 20ish Ms thang of the moment (starting with literally driving Marissa Cooper to her death)

Kill her Blair!  C’mon, do it for us all!  And why’d you have to wait til the end of the movie to try and do it???? Sure, sexually harassing Billy Zane (trying to channel that pompous art teacher from Six Feet Under) was nice and all, but not as nice as you sticking some scissors down Mink’s thrizzzzz, and then taking them scissors, cut off all of her pretty hair and make an oven mitt out of it, or something like that, like that!

So how was the movie?  About what you’d expect it to be.  Needed to be far more scarier, campier, more Minka Garrity gets torturederer, but was still kinda dumb fun.  Best thing about it?  When casting directors need to decide between Leighton and Minka for a future role, they can juss pop this baby in and plead NO CONTEST!!  Blair WalDORF’s the competition!!!

Never 5get: from the Thighs Files…

Verdictgo: Jeepers Sorta Worth A Peepers

Roommate is still bunking it up in theaters, and hits DVD/Blu Ray/streaming land in mid-may

and until the next Blair Waldorf doppelgänger flick co-starring Isabelle Drummond drops…

…the balcony is clothed!


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