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Flotation Devices

never 5get…

Hooters Air 2003 – 2006

hooters air safety

hooters air website

hotters air plane

hooters airs 3

hooters air cabin

hooters air inside plane

hooters air2

hooters air

hooters air stewardess

hooters air pilots

air hooters

hooters air luggage

hooters air lunchbox

dick vitale hooterd air

hooters air vitale

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hooters air 4

I think they started this airline knowing that it was built to fail, but knew that people in the future would be like – dude, there was once an airline of Hooters – like boobs in the air!!!!!!!   bless their souls, and boobs, and wings, and your thighs


Star Me Kitten

airplane jello boobs

kitty airplane boobs

Kitten Natividad, the flying boobs of Airplane! and Airplane II: The Sequel

Kitten Natividad

airplane panic

and apparently also of an airplane related porn called Taking Off with Kitten Natividad [NSFW]

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