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Super Power Goes To The Supermarket

boris houston

bors supermakert

boris veggies

boris onion

boris fruits

boris supermarlket

September 16, 1989 – Boris Yeltsin and a handful of Soviet companions made an unscheduled 20-minute visit to a Randall’s Supermarket after touring the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Between trying free samples of cheese and produce and staring at the meat selections, Yeltsin roamed the aisles of Randall’s nodding his head in amazement


Star Me Kitten

airplane jello boobs

kitty airplane boobs

Kitten Natividad, the flying boobs of Airplane! and Airplane II: The Sequel

Kitten Natividad

airplane panic

and apparently also of an airplane related porn called Taking Off with Kitten Natividad [NSFW]


Selling Out-Rage

ye olde ads (of brands still with us today!!) that are either racist, strange, awesome or all three!!!!!!!!

from this goldmine that’s not racist or strange, but really awesomes


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