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breaking my heart was one thing, but my penis?

– I think my penis broke after I read that uber-ginger-snap hottie, Marcia Cross, is a gaylord. [via Fid Diddler]

– In the has been trashbin dept, GNR may release a new album and tour the UK, Costner wants to wear tights again, Madge wants to kick arse, and Ralph Macchio waxes on (and off) about the brand spankin new KK DVD box set. [last via Fleaski]

– Guess who Bandwagon Boy was rooting for in the Super Bowl? I’ll give you a hint: it’s his ‘faverite team’ and they’re coached by someone named ‘Bellycheck‘.

– Although I didn’t need to read TNDN to tell you this, but the book on Cuthy’s nightstand, juss in case yer interested, is The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.

– Did you hear about the new reality movie starring Drew Barrymore? It’s called 50 First Almost Husbands. How FAB! [via Pinky Le Rox]

This stinks.

– Gots to give props to lil David Witthoft who has worn his Farve jersey for over 4-hundo straight days in order to break a record that doesn’t even eggsist!!

– Wanna play Find The Thigh Master this weekend? Look for me at The Met or in that giant park with all that orange crap going on.

– GoDaddy.com’s hottie was the most TiVo replayed ad of the Sorta-Super Bowl. Feel free to watch said ad again and again. [via Witzy]

summer's campaign didnt have a prayer

[via JBill$]

Finally, I can go see a porn movie in a theater where the only sticky stuff on the floor will be an overpriced Cherry Coke!

The Warshington Post has somehow gotten hold of a top secret internal email from CTU’s Bizatch In Charge With Bad Bangs, Erin Driscoll.

– So forking what if I came from such a smart county? How does that help me pay for my Playmobil addiction?

A 4-year kid drove his mother’s car late at night to a video store only to find it closed. On the way back, he hit three cars, including one occupied by the po-po. No charges will be brought up against the kid and it’s not clear which video he wanted. My guess is the chilling sequel to An American Tail, Fievel Goes West.

This has gots to be the largest set of NSFW jugs me has ever seen! [via Mr Zach De La Roachclip]

– Tits never too late to join my Oscar Pool! Enter yer info, make yer picks, join my group ‘Thighs R Us’ with password being ‘cuthbert’, send me $10 bones and away we gogh!

– And lest we forget…

c'mon mish, is the money worth ruining yer street cred?

Keds are the opposite of cool.

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