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How A Bill Becomes A Bill

preliminary design for the back of the 1935 dollar bill, the first to include the Great Seal of the United States, with Franklin Roosevelt’s note of approval and request for two changes. This initial version had the obverse of the seal on the left and the reverse on the right, but Roosevelt ordered them switched, and added the phrase “The Great Seal of the United States” underneath

and here she is as she is now


And You Think YOU Had A Bad Day?

Edward Metelski, who murdered a policeman, and Paul Semenkewitz sit bruised and bleeding after they escaped from Middlesex County Jail and were captured by police, December 18, 1935


Tower Shower of Song

CBS Radio program, National Amateur Night promotes a contest to discover Americas greatest bathtub singer. Pictured is swimsuit model, Karen Benson. image dated  – November 14, 1935, New York, NY


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