And You Think YOU Had A Bad Day?

Edward Metelski, who murdered a policeman, and Paul Semenkewitz sit bruised and bleeding after they escaped from Middlesex County Jail and were captured by police, December 18, 1935

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4 Responses to “And You Think YOU Had A Bad Day?”

  1. This image is disturbing. Why are you posting this? I come here for light entertainment and a little T&A. I don't come here to see gore. What kind of website are you trying to be?

  2. life isn't all peaches and rose from Last Jedi

  3. Oh, I see. Your website is to teach people about the harsh realities of life, not just to provide entertainment. Thanks for clarifying. As a LONG TIME reader and follower, I'll be saying goodbye now.

  4. don't go! you're my only reader!!!

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