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Я You With Me?

Toys Я Us – you are not yet gone, and yet I already miss you.  I always have.  I miss my grandparents taking me there to pick out whatever I wanted for my birthday (Star Wars or GI Joe figures).  I miss grabbing those price tickets to get the latest Nintendo or Sega Genesis game.  I miss going down EVERY single aisle and dreaming of having it all (like those small motorized cars that were always too much $$$).  I miss the opportunity to enter and win Nickelodeon’s Super Toy Run, which I never had a chance of winning – but I always held out hope that I would.  The store may soon be dead, but the dream and dreams will never be.  You will always be a part of me.  You Я!

much stolen from 2 Warps to Neptune

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Parker Brothers Can’t Lose

quite possibly – THE only photo of all three Parker Brothers together - George Swinnerton, Charles Hanford, and Edward Hegeman

the history of Parker Brothers, written by founder George Swinnerton Parker


and here are some of their earliest board games, from the late 19th century…

what about this amazing logo (one of my favorites of BALLS thyme)???

the swirl was designed by Arnold Arnold, and was first used in 1964, and modified in 1972

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