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I’m Going Hungary

me and Thighs Wife went to Budapest/Prague/Vienna for New Years thyme.  guess what?  it was great, and you should go too, just prepare not to eat many vegetables, or see people drink water.  They seem to only drink beer or really strong coffee, but if you’ve been to Europe, you know this.  anywho, gonna break the adventure up by city, into 3 separate posts, so up first is…


Everything about Budapest is steeped in the past – either from the monuments they erected in their millennial anniversary of 1896, or during the times of Nazi occupation, followed by the drab architecture of red Communism – and the look and feel of the city shows all this wear and tear.  While they do have Starbucks, this place retains a certain iron-curtained charm that the world now gets to peek behind

TRAINed eye #BudaBest

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the city is split into two by the river Danube – the hilly Buda to the west and the flat Pest to the east.  if you go, stay in Buda, and stay at the Hilton in the Castle District.  you’ll wake up to the best view ever.  EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

wish I could wake up to this view every morning

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and yer literally in a castle or castle district or something!

buda castle

and it’s amazing, day or night


and they have statues with giant awesome szósz mustaches

szoz mustaches

what’s ‘awesome szósz’?  it’s awesome sauce, but since the word for sauce in Hungarian is ‘szósz’ – it’s awesome szósz.  got it?

last night in #BudaBest and already starting to miss the greatest word ever – #szósz #awesomeSZÓSZ

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btw – if you want to get to know a culture, seeing art and buildings is a good start, but so is visiting a super market.  in Hungary, since all ‘s’es have a ‘z’ after em, it’s called a szupermarket.  also – anything that has a ‘z’ in it, is followed by an ‘s’.  confuszing.  iszn’t it?

I think America could learn a thing or two on how to betterer name their cat food products #BudaBest

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but they muss import their pizzas, otherwise this would be called ‘Pizszsa Guszeppe’, no?


and who doesn’t want corn with their salami pizza??

speaking of salami – they love it.  at their central market, every other stall sells salami.  the other stalls sell paprika and dried fruits


what else did we eat?


czhips on a sztick. geniusz #BudaBest

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chimney cakes called kürtőskalács!!!!!

kürtőskalács árë šô bèÿøñd dēlįčîõüś #BudaBest

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cheese bread delicious things called Lángos, which will have you lángosing for more of dem as soon as you finish eating one

Goodbye and so Lángos #BudaBest. hope we meet again for some more #szósz-y times

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chicken wrapped in cheese and bacon!!

grilled chicken wrapped in cheese & bacon. btw – Hungarians never go HUNGARY. portions are larger than America's!

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and of course we were going to eat goulash!!!!  and it lives up to its goul-lashy reputation!!!  I want to make shoes of em and call em goulashes!!!


and of course we went to McDonalds – cause you always HAVE to go to McDonalds in a foreign country to see what’s on their menu – like Falatkák!!  (plus it’s the only place guaranteed to have fountain sodas, and ice)

hungary bnudapest 

and then we did this thing called Eat & Meet where you go to this apartment and this nice young Hungarian lady and her parents make you a multi-coursed meal and get you drunk on wine and pálinka, and you meet random travelers from around the globe doing the same thing yer doing.  SUPER AWESOME-SZÓSZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and we drank all these foods down with a hot cup of hot wife!!!

hot cup o'wife, mugging for the camera #BudaBest

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OK, time for a quick break


and onto sightseeing!!!

no ben, all parliament – which is as beautiful on the inside, as it is on the outside

budapest parliment


and paid respect to the great Synagogue

holy moly – it's the largest synagogue in all of Europe

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and went to da Zoo

Elephant House at the #BudaBest Zoo

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where we found the missing link between chimp and man

the found link

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and went to da Opera house

and watched people ice skate in front of a faux castle thing!

Epcot Center is awesome szósz this time of year!!!!

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and had schmancy coffee at this schmancy cafe

and checked out a schmancy ye olde movie theater

movie palaces, palaces for the people > royal palaces

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and brought in the new year at a schmancy restaurant in the castle wall thing!!

me and the wife bended our New Year's like Beckham's spicy wife – POSH!!!! #BudaBest

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and went to the opposite of a schmancy bar – called a ‘ruin pub’, which is like a former dump hole, turned into a super awesome szósz bar!!!  the one we went to was called Szimpla Kert, and it was szimply amazsing!!!

and the best thing we did?  the thing locals AND tourists all do – go take a bath!!!

whirlpoolin' dervishes

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spa steam


we will never go hungry again, but we’d totally go to Hungary again, even if a lot of the food looked like this!!!!!!!



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