Totally Crossed Out & In

Christopher Cross
City Winery
March 2

I never got to see Kris Kross, but I can tell my great-great-great-grandkids (via hologram) that I saw Christopher Cross played live.  You know, the dude who cleaned up at the 1981 Grammys, and nabbed an Oscar the next year, and then disappeared off everyone’s radar, like Gary Burghoff did after he played Radar.  Not even ‘N Sync could raise the dead!  BUT HE (still) LIVES!!!  And with that smooth voice, and smooth sailing repertoire of songs, CC totally made for an easy-breezy lovely evening.  I got caught between his beautiful moon-face and New York City, and even bester than I could do, I fell in love.  It’s true!  And I rode like the wind!!!

Christopher Cross was never a cross to off on my list of ‘see them before they die or I die‘rs, but what I’ve learned in 4 short days, after seeing both he and Mellencamp, is that EVERYONE should be on that list.  Why limit yoself the incredible experience of seeing any artist play live?  Time and money baby, and so for now, I limit my time and money to the older acts (while still moving to the groove of the more modern acts that I like to shake my hips to), but will keep an open mind and set of ears going forward

SetlistAll Right / Never Be the Same / Sailing / Walking in Avalon / Reverend Blowhard / I Really Don’t Know Anymore / Roberta / Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) / The Light Is On / Dreamers / V / Minstrel Gigolo / Say You’ll Be Mine / Light the World / No Time For Talk / Ride Like the Wind

Encore – Imagine (John Lennon cover)

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