Thighbeca Film FestivalFinal Day – Part 1

Sketches of Frank Gehry
Artist of The Portrait As An Old Man
US Release Date – currently playing in NYC, LA this Friday, and st elsewhere this month

Frank Gehry. You’ve mos likely heard the name, or have seen at least one of his masterpieces, or monstrosities, depending on who you ask, but who the fork really is Frank G, and what the hell does he look like? Architects have about as much public exposure as an NFL offensive lineman: they get the job done, but yet they remain facless to the masses and the Massholes. So, what does FG hactually look like? Your average grey-haired Jewish zeide. And if yer a gentile, that means grandfather you forgin Nazi sympaTHIGHzer. Yep, Frankie Poo’s a tribe member, even went all né on his Goldberg name to make it in del biz. No shame in that, I mean would you really rock out that hard to Rush if Geddy Lee had kept his last name as Weinrib (btw, interesting fact, his parents were Holocaust survivors)? Didn’t spinx so you friggles Nazi masturbators!! Anywho, Sketches doesn’t take us deep into the deepest annals of his anal canal or what is it that really makes FG the king of playground, as I thought it might, and that’s kinda a shame. It’s more of a conversational piece, intertwined with a tour of his babies all across the globe. I think it woulda played out differently, and perhaps a lil more in depth, had it not been directed by his good friend Sydney Pollack, who’s making his debut here as a documentarian. I mean, do I really need to see footage of SP sitting in his office as FG pieces together his next project with silver-coated construction paper like he was a kindergartener? Short answer: no. Regardless, Gehry’s works are fascinating and it’s worth the peepage, but methinks Gehry is not so fascinating. Sometimes when an artist’s true identity remains a mystery, it make the art that much better. Le Corbusier anyone? Yeah, click that you Nazi link molester, cause you have no idea what the spiggs I is talkin bout, and sometimes, neither do I.

Recommended for those who like: things that are erected, Julian Schnabel dressed as the Dude, and the opinions of Mike Ovitz

Possible Porno Name: Sketchy Frank Gehry & His Trenchcoat of Hairy Sirprizes

Unsatisfied with this? Be like me and add ‘visit the Gugg in Bilbao‘ to yer list of places to go b4 ya die

Apt MPupil3: ‘Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect’ by The Decemberists [d] AND the ‘Bob The Builder Theme’ [d]

IMDb Sweeney: the only other non-Disney flick that Michael Eisner appeared in was sum-tang called Junket Whore

TFF Thighspotting: Mr Three Days of the Condor himself, Syd Pollack, who I already had the pleasure of personally meeting earlier this year (you could say we’re BFFs)

John Grisham’s Jizzum (aka Verdict): not all docs are created breast in showedly, so Jeepers Worth A Peepers

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