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In Search of Israeli Cuisine
Melting Pot of Jewish Culinary Gold
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Not Rated | 94 min

Know what would make a great TV show?  This documentary!

Director Roger Sherman and restaurateur Michael Solomonov take their love of Israeli food and attempt to explain what it is today and where it came from in a delicious new doc called In Search of Israeli Cuisine

What the doc certainly did was made me hungry (although I have my limits of tomato intake)

What it didn’t really do is make me hungry to go visit Israel (I’ve been, and liked it, but I have many other places to see first before I give it a 2nd go)

What it did do is give me a good general idea of how the Israeli food culture came to be, melding from all different Jewish cultures around the world who eventually settled together in one new place where a cuisine basically had to be invented

What it didn’t really do is come up with exact answers… cause there aren’t any

But a doc should be probing, not jumping from one kitchen visit to another, with some farms and wineries thrown in between.  A TV show doesn’t have to be probing, and can spend more time with cooks AND the kitchens, and the eating.  Somehow 94 minutes felt like an eternity, but if you took the bits and expanded and spread them out into 6-10 thirty minute episodes, I think the material would simmer a bit more than it did in one long doc form

Regardless, I love hummus and falafel, and pickled things, and plenty of other Jewish food.  It was nice to see and hear about them on a screen.  If you do too, you may want to watch this as well.  If you plan to visit Israel, this is where your Yelp recommendations and bookmarkings begin

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

The Search continues in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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