Tape Blogging The Grammys

7:34 PM
dude, Sully is so awesome. how are the Grammys ever gonna top this 60 minutes piece on him and his crew reunited with the passengers they saved? and who doesn’t want one of those ‘Sully Is My Co-Pilot’ tees?

8:07 PM
look, we know tuffs have been thymed for poor Jennifer Hudson, but seriously, who is dressing this woman? first it was that midget jacket at the Oscars, and now it’s all about ruffled coffee filter aprons at the Grammys, wtfudge?

that’s what he said

look Hudsucker, you have a great voice, and its nice that your voice got you an Oscar (when Kate Winslet has none), but c’mon, everyone knows that coffee filters are only fashionable when placed on the heads of small adorable childrens

8:20 PM
CBS lends their boy Simon Baker to promote The Mentalist introduce Coldplay. if this were 1987, would the Columbia Broadcasting Station force Murder She Wroter Angela Lansbury to introduce Robert Palmer? might as well face it, we’re addicted to Jessica Fletcher

9:12 PM
luckily Stevie didn’t have to see this happen like the rest of us did. urgh. blurgh

9:15 PM
Blink 182 are reuniting. damners! we were hoping for the second coming of Turk 182!

9:38 PM
borings. we DVR-switch to Desperate Housewives. we don’t care what anyone sez (not even ANNIE SEZ!), cause Housewhores is not an awful show, hispecially with McMurphy and Agent Cooper on board. and sadly, we’vethinks we’ve seen every episode, except we FFwd thru most of the Teri Hatcher scenes (but we totally dug her voice in Coraline)

10:22 PM
if Larry Fitzgerald were here, he’d catch at least two touchdowns. and look real good doing it

10:48 PM
the world would be a much happier place if everyone stopped what they were doing and sang along with Neil as he belts out ‘Sweet Caroline’, nonstop, for longer than those twins want Danny to play with thems. Neil, before Zod!!

you’re the dog man now! [YTMND]

11:13 PM
we can understand how people have misgivings about cloning, but no one should oppose the cloning of Jeff Bridges

11:25 PM
Robert Plant (not to be confused for Robert Palmer) and his Sauerkrauss gal pal win something important even though grammys are more worthless than shares in the F. W. Woolworth Company. guess this win means he’s still not the lead singer of Led Zeppelin. maybe they can get that Asian dude who’s now the lead singer of Journey instead. whatever you dew, juss don’t stop believing

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