Foggy With A Chance of Zodiac Balls

I gay for the bay!

sf 1

no US city has views like this!!!!


always gotta hit up the touristy sites

full house

I’ve got nothing but love and HAIGHT (that pun will never not be awesome) for this city


where the streets have names, and are curved, for everyone’s pleasure

real streets have curves

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did the Jewish slaves erect this one too?


the Coppolas own this sweet a$$ building


this Palace is a hotel!


lets try 8 mini beers!!

billion beers

but will I pass the test????

booz o meter

or get knocked out?


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or catch on fire?

fire drink with me

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but the drinks aren’t the only thing that be loaded

loaded potato

and who doesn’t want their salad tossed and dressed in front of their own eyes?

now THAT is how you toss a salad!!!!! #HouseOfYum #HouseOfYES

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I went NUTS for mini donuts!!!

you can't spell donut without 'do'

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you can smell this, right?  or at least my farts from it, right???


sorry if the puns feel old, and that I’m phoning it in


but things are on the rise, out there in the Napa Valley


where the wine flows like overpriced restaurants


and where the only storms are castle storming


and all the rooms have views

room with a view

and all the hills have (my) eyes


what, you think I was going to the SF area and do zero Zodiac zsleuthing???


didn’t find Z, but did go to Lake Berryessa, where those poor kids were stabbed 46 years ago

zodiac 2

place was super creepy & quiet… I was actually a little bit frightened

zodiac 3

but me & the Mrs survived, and rode another vacation off into the glorious sunset



Old Bay Seasoning


A Fine Line Between Love And Haight


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