if yer travels bring you to our nation’s capital this winter, do yerself a mad flavor and czech out the Arcimboldo eggzibit at the National Gallery, but maybe even morerer importantly, head on over to the American Art Museum (secretly one of the country’s bestest) to peep the off the meat rack AND chain AND meat beat manifesto work of Alexis Rockman!!  his last name sez it all: man who rocks!!!!

Disney World I, 2005, oil on wood

Pond’s Edge, 1987, oil & acrylic on canvas

Airport, 1997, Envirotex, digitized photo, vacuum-formed styrofoam with aluminum finish, plasticine, Laughing Gull specimen, and oil paint on wood

Mount Rushmore, 2005, oil on wood

Golf Course, 1997, Envirotex, digitized photo, trash, Astroturf, golf balls, golf club, soil, cast plastic human femur, and oil paint on wood

Sea World, 2001-04, oil & acrylic on wood panel

shiz rocks, man!!!!

& so does Arci
who was getting crazy with the cheez whiz in the 16th century!!!

click fruit man for mo amazinessness!!!

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