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Ben Stiller is a serious actor! remember? Noah Baumbach can do wit on the west coast! and the west coast apparently has made him lazy! Jennifer Jason Leigh is still his wife! and currently her greatest employer! Greta Gerwig can’t act!  there are reports to the contrary on this, but this notion comes from the same people who actually enjoy the mumblecore movies she usually inhabits and shows her breasts in!  This is the brunt of what makes up the mostly frustrating, lightly fascinating Greenberg, a not so friendly, friendly film about an unstable, although seems to be purty stable Stiller, who’s a happy to be lost soul, who is really an unhappy found soul, trying to make a connection, yet not really trying to make a connection, in a jaded, although not really jaded LA landscape, while house sitting for his brother, or maybe he’s doing some house standing???  Lotta contradictions there, eh?  Well, that’s how it feels to watch this uneven affair that kinda floats and floats, and boasts and boasts, and goes every which way, but mostly sideways, on the way to something about possibly understanding the character and motivations of Greenberg, but in the end we don’t know jack or Greenberg, and still don’t get the whole Greta Gerwig is an actress thing.  Rhys Ifans can act, and his interactions with Stiller work.  Wish there was more of that.  Stiller also has a good rapport with the dog he’s looking after.  The dog is the most likable character in the movie.  The dog is more likable than anything found in Margot At The Wedding.  Neither ‘berg or Margot live up to the bestness that was The Squid and The Whale.  All three are better than anything we’ve seen Greta Gerwig in.  Not a total abortion, or anything to force Noah’s mom into having one, even if there is an abortion in the movie, for no other reason than to have an abortion in the movie, but maybe it’s cause J-J-Leigh had one in Fast Times.  Wish Greenberg’s Cali BFF was Spicoli.  Wish Judge Reinhold JOed in every movie

Bries Nuts :  you can take yer Alison Brie and keep her cause we’ll stick with Greenberger and Unwatchable  States of Tara coming and up hottie Brie Larson.   mmmmmmmmmmm Brie

Verdictgo: all kinds of messy, but we’d still take this over 3838388345555642 other flicks, so Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Greenberg is currently screenberging in NY & LA only, and soon to spoon st elsewhere st elsesoon

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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