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We didn’t start watching Project Runway until Season 3(/were forced to by our then ThighMistress), and we haven’t stopped watching the compelling catfighting competition drooling over Heidi Klum sitting in a director’s chair with note cards in hand ever since. While we were hoping that our first post-Runway big screen romp would involve KenleySpearsCollins in a shot-by-shot remake of these three NSFW scenes from The Notorious Bettie Page, we were still pleased to delve into first season’s winner Jay Carroll‘s life, after his fifteen minutes faded away quicker than Ilan Mitchell-Smith‘s career. If yer a follower of the show, it’s a bro nainer for you to czech out this taking it from behind the scenes look at Carroll’s struggle to mount his first independent runway show and get his threads on a clothing store’s racks (hey, nice racks!). What you’ll see is nothing shocking, but it’s nothing schlocky either, and if you feel like you juss haven’t had enuff of The Hills/The City/The Peeps’ Revolution‘s resident ball star, Kelly Cutrone, here’s yer chance to have enuff. Runway novices may want to proceed without lust, but with caution

Lets Be Real(ity) For A Second: before Reality shows invaded our grill spaces (and ruined television), the only thing remotely real on the hairwaves were talk shows, and the one man who’s been the realist of the real, hispecially for our Clear Pepsi generation, is and was and will always be Conan O’Brien (with some early help from Andy). Tonight Conan closes up shoppee in NY, and like Fievel before him, he’s headed west for a bigger piece of the cheese. We wish him well in the year 2000 and 8 on his new Left Coast journey, and spank him for all the memories, herspecially this one and anything having to do with your Finland trip

Verdictgo: for all the Runway swayers, Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Eleven Minutes opens in select theaters today, and apparently online on here! Gay Television On Demand

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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