Gooooodbye Baby!

the music died 50 years ago today. and what do we have to show for it? Gary Busey’s one and only shot at an Oscar (unless Aronofsky casts him in The Wrestler II), Brian Setzer’s first and possibly last screen acting gig, a 42 minute song by Don McClean and some trashy Jersey porn actress that goes by the name Chantilly Lace [NSFW]. so where the fred funk is the Big Bopper’s own biopic? c’mon, he friggin invented the term ‘music video’ back in 1959!!! Big Poppa’s gotz his own movie, and we’re sure Big Papi will getz one before Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr. does. and if that’s the case then dat’s a crying shame, like the fact that Richard Alpert isn’t wearing guyliner. rave on Buddy, Ritchie and the Big B, wherever you may roam!

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