Crimes of Passion Fruit

Frodo’s first onscreen love scenes involved spaghetti and our sweetie Leonor Watling, WTFudge? We don’t see any spaghetti here [NSFW], and we wish we didn’t have to see Wat’s (my) precious teets pressed up against young blue eyes/dorkus malorkus. The film where all this goes down, The Oxford Murders, is currently playing abroad, with no US release date set yet. Watling, is currently playing in our pants as we type this

sorta not related: Dildo Saggins pisses in the shower

Lily Allen’s new tunes are, alright, still juss as yumcredible as her old ones

Closing Ring, sure to be the breast movie starring Falkor’s sister [NSFW]

Jessica Rabbit untooned

the ins and outs of In-N-Out’s stoopid secret menu. wonder if we can order secret fries that actually taste good [SS Meals]

guess we can delete Smiley Face from the queue

Playboy centerfolds galore from the 50s, 60s and 70s [NSFW]

beards, the finest in German ingenuity

World War II Aerography on Planes


Young Me – Now Me [Data ?]

Democratic dance off

more Atari 2600 box munchin [levittown]

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