The Declaration of IndependBEST

some truths are beyond self-evident, like how fried chicken is the greatestest thing Jesus invented mt EVERest and how Christina Hendricks is probably the mos bangable redhead nick goings, and after watching part 1 and 2 of HBO’s new mini-serious drama John Adams, it’s purty self-evident that this is beyond muss sea tee vee. so if you don’t have HBO, you should swallow your pride, your wallet and yer penis and order it up already. sure, all their good shows have gones up and disappeared (sandra OH how we miss you Arli$$), but this John Adams shiz is a seeing worth sight. where else on the tube of boob are you gonna see a man get tarred and feathered, a Jewish George Washington, the evil French teacher from School Ties be a giant Quaker wussbag, Pig Vomit over act and scream about stuff and a smokin colonial Laura Linney makin smallpox look as lickable as those candy buttons on that shitty paper? no need to answer that, cause it’s self-evident!! wanna know something else that’s self-evident? how flamming dr pepper writer Kirk Ellis and his ruffles are. don’t tread on us or that skanky skankazoid chick in the ‘No Myth’ video

bi the gay… A. Bartlett‘s son joins Captin Kirk, KITT and the voice of Morley Safer as juss some of the zillion peeps who have portrayed JAds

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