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To hell with the Coppolas, and to heaven with the Cassavetesezesz! Sure, we all love The Godfathers, Captain EO and the soundtracks to CQ and Virgin Suicides, but have you driven a Francis Ford lately? While we’ve been awaitin his first flick in 7 years, it’s been nuttin but Sofia this and Sofia dat in the interim (sorry noble Roman). I is found her output to be rather lackluster, but I can still (sorta) see why people connected with her Lost In Translation. Well, if any of you said people are still out there and hungry for mo, then don’t bother waiting on that daughter and turn yer attention to John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands‘s p & j, Zoe… (and her siblings aint no sliz-ouches either)

Zoe’s first full-length feature, Broken English, not only conjures up the same sorta magic that Lost In Translation did, but it’s got a few extra tricks in its hat to surpass it in my mind. You put a tired Bill Murray running thru the streets of Japan and of course it’s gonna work, but what if you threw the always comical Parker Posey into a serious transatlantic romantic flick? In the wrong hands the results could be disastrous, but in Z Cass’ hands, the results are simply one of the better films you’ll see this year (although Away From Her [TWS.org review] is still tops, in terms of besteness and directorial debut in age-edness). I’ve run rings around a pocketful of Parker Posey films, but ashes to ashes, and film dust to dust, none have made me fall down in love with her like Broken English did

IMDb Sweeney: English marks Josh Hamilton and Posey’s third screen pairing, after The House of Yes and Kicking and Screaming. Christopher Guest posse aside, that still doesn’t top the amt of flicks she’s appeared in with Liev Schreiber (Mixed Nuts, The Daytrippers, Party Girl and Scream 3… and the doc Seamless, if yer gettin uber technical). By the gay, this isn’t the first film titled Broken English. There was one from ’81 and a ’96 incarnation with Boris The Blade

Sign of the Times: peep out this NY Times Mag do-hickey they did with daughter Cass

Apt MPupil3: Claudia Brücken & Andrew Poppy‘ cover of Marianne Faithful’s ‘Broken English‘ [d HERE]

A Star Is Born: Zoe starred as the PE teacher is Sofia Coppola’s directorial debut, the short Lick The Star

Part 1 & Part 2

John Grisham’s Jizzum (aka Verdict): Breast In Show•

Broken English opens in select theaters this Friday and at a screen near you berry soon!

until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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