Not So Sloppy Seconds

The Truman Show: Episode I.5

While the world rightly went gaga over Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Oscar winning performance in Capote, everyone wrongly thought that that also meant the movie itself was gagalicious. Personally, I found it to be unfulfilling [sez the review] from top to bottom. My two main issues with the Hoffman film, since I was a big In Cold Blood book fan, was that not enough detail was payed to both the killings and killers, and the other, being the lack of emotional display of Captoe’s downward spiral after the book was released. I’m happy to report that triple threat-er Douglas McGrath‘s take on the same eggzact events not only answers my prayers, but surpasses the Hoffman versh bottom to top. It’s more playful, more intense, and mos importantly, less snooze inducing. Tis an effin crying shame then that this one was released second cause no one is really going to give it the unbiased chance it deserves. And the real shame is reserved for Toby Jones (aka Dobby the House Elf) who nails the spirit of Captoe EVEN BUTTER than PSHoffs did!!! In a perfect world, Jones would walk away with the Best Actor Oscar next year, but I doubt Hollywurst would allow such a thang to happen (plus Forrest Whitaker is the man to beat). And unlike Capote, the supporting playas (sans Peter Bogdanovich, who reeks of updog) here are just as strong as the central figure. Kudos to Menudo go out to Sandra Bullock, who as Harper Lee hands in her least annoyingistest work of her career (that’s a huge compliment), and the biggest of big ups goes out to 007 Daniel Craig, who as killer Perry Smith shines on like a crazy Dustin Diamond after his dirty sanchezed threesome

Unsatisfied with this?: again, read Tru’s book and then Netflix the ’67 movie, all dough the trailer for the ’96 versh starring Eric Roberts, Anthony Edwards AND Sam Neill looks shitastic!!

Possible Porno Name: In Famous Amos’ Anus

WAV To The Crowd: ‘The In-famous El Guapo‘ bit from The Three Amigos [d]

John Grisham’s Jizzum (aka Verdict): Breast In Show

until next thyme, the balcony is clothed…

pee es – the no stinkin badgedness of Driving Lessons opens this Friday in NY/LA

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