Zero Degrees ofSeparation Anxiety

No wonder they air this against Monday Night Football, cause what guy in his right mind would watch this? I think Sunset 60 Studio on the Gaza Strip Steak would be a hellauva snot butter if it had strippers or Andy Rooney or Jeremy Sisto or a red-coated Tony Kornheiser or Big Tuna or covers of ‘Little Boxes‘ or if they threw 22 three-yard passes in a row against a defense that had the consistency of balsa wood covered in swiss cheese

pee es – gawd bless my DVR cause somehow I was able to ingest the following all in one evening: 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, PTI, Weeds, Ebert & Roep-dawg, Kidnapped, 2 eps of Sunset Shit, 1/2 of Monday Night Football, and about 10 minutes of Stuart Scott shucking/jiving (which is the new crazy/beautiful) before I vom-ed all over myself

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